2012 Offseason, NBA Free Agency

Portland is matching Batum; remember our time with him.

The dream is over. Batum’s offer sheet will be matched by the Blazers and the Wolves now have to figure out what Plan B is for this team’s offseason.

We’ll miss you, Nic.

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  1. well, that was great! Now, let’s resist the urge to spend all of our money in one place. There is a viable chance that we can either get an asset by facilitating a trade, or can absorb salary in a trade. Obviously we all want Iggy, but I would also be interested in a BareaWesand a pick or BareaWilliams to Memphis for Gay.

    Also, Pek is a restricted free agent next year, so we could use some of the money up by offering him an extension.

  2. I think they should sign Shved, Roy, Steimsma, trade Ellington for Cunningham and then bid on Birdman. If they could swing a trade for Iggy or Deng that would be amazing but I doubt it happens. If you don’t get Steimsma or Andersen I would pick up Jon Leuer though he is more of a PF than a C.

  3. Hey Wolf, I am surprised at your comment- This is the best Wolves offseason in 8 years or so (whenever we got Cassel and Spree). Adding Roy and Shved should really help, plus getting rid of Beasly and Randolph could be viewed as a positive as well. It’s the first time in a long time where I can remember the team clearly improving in the offseason. We need to find a FA big man, and then we roll into next year with a pretty good top 10

    start: Rubio, Roy, Budinger, Love, Pek
    bench: Ridnour, Shved, Johnson, Williams, FA big Man(Steimsma?)
    11-15: Barea, Lee, Cunningham, Hummel, FA big(Jordan Hill?)

  4. Just because it might be better (still pending) than our previous total disaster offseasons, that doesn’t make it good. Roy has no knees and Shved is an unproven total wildcard. The big men out there blow. Scola would have been a godsend for $4 million… What a joke and total steal for the Suns.

    Oh, and Kahn didn’t overpay to resign our crappy free agents… congrats! No one with a brain would have brought any of those guys back.

  5. Wolf, I think you are probably going to be pessimistic no matter what, but you’re also forgetting that Buddinger is going to be a huge upgrade over Wes Johnson, that we’re still going to get C. Lee or R. Brewer (another huge upgrade at our weakest position), and that everyone is pretty high on Shved, so it seems more probable he’ll be a serious contributor sooner or later than a bust. You say the bigs all suck, but there probably isn’t a better backup defensive center than Stiemsma in the league, and good lord do we need shotblocking and interior defense. And you even agree that getting rid of the players we shed was a good idea, but more importantly than overpaying for them is not playing them. Not sure why the team doesn’t get credit for replacing our worst minutes with average to productive ones.

    We filled our biggest holes (wing players and backup bigs) we’re getting much more productive minutes from our 4-10 spots, and we didn’t overpay for anyone. How could they have had a better offseason short of acquiring another all-star? We already have our Big-Three, so no flashy moves were even needed to improve next season. Not that this is saying a lot, but this Wolves roster, as currently constructed, is the best since 2004 by far, and if you can’t see that it’s partially due to smart, aggressive moves this offseason, I don’t know what to tell you.

  6. I guess some people are just easier to please than others. I’m so sick of failure with this organization.

    Stiemsma? Oh joy. Budinger our starting SF??? Seriously? Yuck. He’s better than Wes, but so is literally like 98% of the league.

    I like Lee, but let’s see if we actually sign him (I doubt it.) Brewer sucks and does nothing besides slightly above average defense. He’s better than Wes like everyone else, but that doesn’t make him good.

    People were this excited (or even more) last year with Beasley and AR. And look how that turned out…

  7. I said they’re not flashy moves, but we didn’t need flashy moves. Like I said, everything is secondary behind Love, Rubio, and Pek. If you can replace the production of Wes, Beasley, and Darko with average production, that’s a huge upgrade. You’re underselling Buddinger – he can shoot, and when Rubio is on your team, we need shooters. We had none outside of Love last season. You’re also underselling Steimsma and Brewer. I don’t think you understand about them – they’re not just above average defenders, they’re both A+ defenders. If they offer nothing besides that, all that means is we don’t have to pay them as much. You might not be excited by guys like them, but trust me, from a pure basketball perspective, they fill a gaping need for a bargain basement price.

    I’m not sure how the offseason could have gone better besides overpaying (via trade or contract) for a household name, and even that would be debatable, because we want cap flexibility to keep Love, Rubio, and Pek. Scola would have been nice, but he’s a terrible defender and we don’t really need scorers when you have Love or Rubio on the floor, so I’d rather have Steimsma at 1/3 of the price. You clearly have no idea how to build an effective basketball team.

  8. Seriously, look at how the Spurs built their team to last. They’ve pretty much had the same type of team we’re building: They’ve got their three all-star caliber players, and the rest of the team consists of quality role players who know what their role is and how to effectively execute that role. They haven’t made a big offseason move since drafting Duncan, but they won four titles by targeting players that can do one or two things well. You can’t have a team full of all-stars, you can’t pay every player 5 or 10 million a year, and you can’t expect every one of your players to be able to score 20 points per game. You can’t just look at the pieces, you have to look at how they fit together. If we didn’t have a player of Kevin Love’s caliber, I would 100% agree with you, these types of players are worthless on their own. But when you already have the most important pieces in place (once again, with feeling: Love, Rubio, and Pek), all you need to do is replace your terrible players with not-terrible players. That’s what the Timberwolves have done this offseason. If that’s not improving, what is?

    One more note, and I’ll leave you alone. You compared AR and Beasley-type moves with this year’s moves, but they really couldn’t be more different. With AR and Beasley, people were excited because they had potential, and they didn’t pan out because they didn’t improve. The players we’ve acquired this offseason don’t need to improve to contribute. Buddinger will hit some 3s (seriously, I can’t even express how bad we were at this last season – to have a real shooter is awesome), Steimsma will block some shots, Brewer/Lee will stop guard penetration, and Roy/Shved were low-risk-high-reward moves that may or may not pan out, but we’re not hamstrung if they don’t. I don’t know what you were expecting from this offseason, but I can tell you that half of building a successful team is not screwing yourself with the cap and paying the players that really deserve it. The Wolves seem to finally get this.

  9. Anyone that is STILL knocking on the Scola non-signing can now just shut the hell up:

    (quote)Jordan Hill agreed to a two-year, nearly $8 million deal with the Lakers on Friday.

    That is just absurd. Freakin Jordan Hill?!? The same money per year for him as Scola? Wow, depressing. Oh, and this. Great offseason. Get ready for the huuuuuge Dom McGuire free agent signing!

    (quote)@JerryZgoda: Agent Mark Bartelstein, who represents both Brandon Rush and Dominic McGuire, expects to speak again with David Kahn over the weekend.

  10. @Bonk
    Look at his advanced numbers (especially block percentage) and find me a better one. At the very least he’s the best available.

    Brandon Rush is good. Your negativity serves no purpose. The Wolves will be better than last year, and they will make the playoffs. Even if they don’t, they’re one of the most entertaining teams in the league. What are you so upset about?

  11. I’m confused as to how Jordan Hill getting a deal from the Lakers has anything to do with the Wolves possibly putting in a bid on Scola if they had cap room during the amnesty period.

    Also, cool it with the “shut the hell up” wording. If you want to be overly negative, that’s fine. But do it respectfully on this site.

  12. Hahahahahahaha, wow. Seriously guys?

    First off, the Warriors already said they’d match any offer for RUSH. I agree he’s solid. But Kahn was linked to freakin Dom freakin McGuire a while back. THAT is the guy I he is going to be talking about. Total stiff. And……… fail.

    As for Zach, Scola is only INFINITELY better than Jordan freakin Hill. We could have put a bid on Scola. Kahn said he wanted Jordan Hill. I don’t see what is so difficult to understand about those two signings. Who would YOU rather have for $4 million per year? Scola or Hill? Or…………….. Dom McGuire.

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