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Ricky Rubio's road to recovery video

When I saw there was a Ricky Rubio rehab video, I expected it to be something like this.

Alas, it is not so. Wolves put together a nice look at the work Ricky has been doing to get his knee back to strength after the tear against the Lakers. It’s one thing to see the workouts that are bringing him back, but I enjoyed hearing Rubio’s mental state with the process and how hard it is to think about when you’re back playing. I also really found Wolves’ physical trainer Andre Deloya’s thoughts about how making things goal-oriented for Ricky fascinating.

Instead of getting back to playing regular season games as the big goal, breaking it down into much smaller goals that come right away definitely help with the mental fatigue that can set in from this rehab process.

Now please stop showing the actual injury itself.

(H/T – The Basketball Post)


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  1. Trust me Ricky, it was a lot harder for us to watch the games after you got hurt than it was for you. God speed on the recovery and it will be a great day when you are back. Ole Ole!

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