We've lost someone really special

As the majority of the online Wolves community knows at this point, we lost Canis Hoopus writer and overall great guy Tim Allen on Monday.

I can’t pretend to know what he might have been going through or why any of this happened. And out of respect for his friends and family, I ask that we don’t really get into that in the comments if you decide to leave your thoughts. I know that the news shocked me and it’s still hard to wrap my head around. I don’t know that I ever actually will. Oceanary from CH has already shared some great thoughts about his friendship with Tim. And there is information via CH for Funeral/Memorial services here.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to ramble for a bit here because I don’t know how to properly approach this.

Aside from Myles Brown and a couple of the beat writers for the Wolves, Tim was one of the first Wolves people/fans that I got to know after I moved to Minneapolis last fall. Growing up in California I didn’t know another fan of this team until I got to college in San Diego. That was the first time I met someone that shared the same interest in a basketball team as me. It wasn’t until I moved here in September that I was actually surrounded by fans of the same team as me.

At Media Day in December, I was sitting down in a row of chairs, waiting for Wolves personnel to usher David Kahn and Rick Adelman to the podium. Tim walked over to me and introduced himself. I knew him from following him on Twitter and from reading his incredible writing on Canis Hoopus. We talked for a few minutes, exchanged a few comments about how excited we were to see Ricky Rubio finally play in a Wolves uniform, and then he went back to his seat.

During the season, the team would credential him and he’d join us in the locker room. If Michael Beasley said something quirky or Brad Miller said something funny or players joked about Darko a few feet away from him, we’d look away from the player, exchange a little eye contact, and ask what the hell was going on once the scrum broke up.

I can’t say that I got to know Tim extremely well. Aside from a few moments in Vegas at Summer League this year, we never really knew each other outside of the Target Center. We talked at pre-draft workouts and press conferences. We shared our thoughts on how we thought the team was coming together or falling apart or shaping toward the future. It was fun to talk about the Wolves with a fellow fan, face-to-face and in person. I find him to be extremely quick witted and just a blast to talk basketball with from time to time.

Last week, he sent me a DM on Twitter saying that on Facebook he had seen pictures of the new apartment my lady friend and I had just moved into, and wanted to know if it was the building he was about to move into. Turns out that it wasn’t the same building but his new place was actually going to be about 50 feet behind my building. We were excited to find out that Tim would be moving close to us and it would be fun to get to know him.

I never got to know Tim in the way I thought I eventually would, but I did get to know enough about him to know that I wanted to know more about him. He was a great guy and I never read or heard a bad word about him or his insightful writing about the Wolves. Over the past couple days, people have been kind enough to offer condolences to me and said that they’re sorry for my loss.

The truth is that it doesn’t feel right to have someone phrase it in that way. It’s not my loss. I obviously wasn’t nearly as close to him as his family and friends were. I wasn’t as close to him as the editorial team on Canis Hoopus or the commenters he bantered with on a daily basis. I was just a new person in his life hoping to foster a friendship. I do know though that his passing is everybody’s loss. Whether you were close to him or more on the outside looking in, he probably had a positive influence on your life.

I’m extremely sad to know that he’s gone and will think of him every time I look out my window to see the building directly behind me or watch the Timberwolves play.

May you rest in peace, Tim.




We’ll return to Wolves coverage tomorrow.

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