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Attention Minnesota! D-League basketball'ing opportunity for you!

Have you ever thought if coach had just played you more in high school then you’d probably have had to drive work harder and get a shot at playing pro basketball in some form? Have you been drinking enough to actually believe that?

Well then do I have the basketball opportunity for you!

In all seriousness, the Sioux Falls Skyforce — the Wolves’ D-League affiliate — is hosting tryouts for their team on Sunday, September 23rd. Tryouts go from 9am to 4pm with registration beginning at 8am. You’ll be playing and working out at the Target Center all day on Sunday.

If you’re from outside Minneapolis and need lodging, you can stay at 900 Washington Ave N in the North Loop and receive a discounted rate when you mention “Skyforce Open Tryout.” There will also be a free shuttle from there to the arena, or you can run the mile distance to get a little cardio in before your workout.

If you were really good in high school and played some type of basketball in college that didn’t involve fraternity bros and/or intramurals, this is a great opportunity to finally get noticed and get in the mind of smart people guiding basketball careers. Players from the area and surrounding states should make the trek to Minneapolis to get a shot at impressing some D-League scouts. The D-League scours the country to find players worthy of getting a shot and if you can play at the D-League level, there’s no reason for them to keep you out.

Their job is to find talent that is capable of playing in the NBA and developing it. Here’s all of the information in a more official format, including the number to call for lodging.

Who knows? This could be your big break for someday getting Ben Polk to write something beautiful about you and for me to tweet about how you actually kind of suck. Oh the possibilities!

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0 thoughts on “Attention Minnesota! D-League basketball'ing opportunity for you!

  1. Awesome! I would totally do it except here’s how my tryouts would go:
    “Height?” – Scout
    “5’11” – Me
    “Position?” – Scout
    “Power forward” – Me
    “NEXT” – Scout

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