2012 Offseason

Ricky Rubio has all of your crazy game show carnival games

Ricky Rubio was recently on a Spanish talk show called “El Hormiguero,” which my iPhone translator app tells me means “The Anthill.”

This would explain why there were creepy muppet ants in the middle of the studio. Ricky got challenged to a Connect Four basketball version in carnival game form by the host, and he gladly competed.

(Via Fabulous Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie)

Rubio made all of his shots and played the strategic angle perfectly. Either that or the host had no idea what he was doing because it looked like he was just shooting at any hoop until he realized there was some strategy to the game. And while Rubio has the stigma of being a bad shooter in the NBA (because of possibly his shooting percentages), we forget that these guys can mess around on a basketball court and make just about everything.

He was even playing defense! RUBIO CAN’T BE STOPPED!

UPDATE: What’s that? You were wondering if this show could get weirder? Click the link and watch the video with the giant piano, ala Big.

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