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Injury update: Kevin Love is probably out (I have no idea how long)


Well, that’s good news. Apparently Kevin Love was doing knuckle push-ups with his trainer in his condo and that’s how he broke his hand. No word yet on whether or not he had JJ Barea on his back while he did them.

If Kevin Love misses six weeks from today, he’ll be back for the game against Milwaukee on November 30th. If he’s out just five weeks, he’ll be back for the Blazers showdown on November 23rd. This would mean he’ll miss roughly 10 to 14 games or 12-17% of the regular season. That sounds a lot better than everybody thinking he’d be back in mid-December.

So while it’s not good news still, it’s definitely not the Lovepocalypse many of us had feared yesterday when the news came down.


UPDATE: Statement released by the team isn’t the same time table as Woj’s source. Now I’m just confused.

Minneapolis/St. Paul – Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love was examined today by hand specialist Dr. Andy Weiland of the Hospital of Special Surgery in New York for further evaluation of the fracture of the third and fourth metacarpal in his right hand. The evaluation revealed that surgery will not be required on his hand and confirmed that his expected return will be in 6-8 weeks.

The following is a statement from Wolves Kevin Love regarding his injury:

“Yesterday, I had a post-practice commitment and decided to work out at my home with my personal trainer before heading to Target Center. While doing various pushups, including knuckle pushups, which are part of my regular workout routine, I hurt my hand. I immediately knew something was wrong and called head athletic trainer Gregg Farnam.

“Although I’m disappointed that this injury happened, I will work extremely hard to stay in shape and return to the court as quickly as possible. We have added a lot of depth to our roster this season, and I have complete confidence in my teammates and coaching staff that they will step up and we will be successful during this time. I’m looking forward to supporting our team and helping out any way I can until I get back on the court.”

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0 thoughts on “Injury update: Kevin Love is probably out (I have no idea how long)

  1. The schedule is soft. From what I gather, the only games i see 100% L’s are Brooklyn, Indiana, Denver and if Love isn’t back by that time, the Clippers.

  2. What I’ve heard on Canis Hoopus by commenters and by Jerry Zgoda is that 6-8 weeks is a conservative estimate, so it could very well be 5.

    I don’t know if it leads to more wins that they have an easier schedule to start. Maybe it’s better to have better chances of winning later when the team is healthier (though who knows how healthy they’ll be then).

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