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Timberwolves 91, Pacers 96: Williams shines, everyboy sits

Despite much searching, I wasn’t able to catch Friday night’s preseason loss to the Pacers in Indiana, bringing to mind that old Buddhist paradox: if the Wolves lose in the preseason and I can’t watch it on TV, does it make a sound? Apparently it did, because our friends at 8 Points 9 Seconds have a nice little summary of the decisive action:

An early lead dwindled to 1 by the end of the 1st, then became a double digit deficit after Minnesota hung a 13-2 run on the Pacers to start the second. The teams went to the half with Minny up 11, but that was quickly erased as the Pacer starters (playing against the Minnesota bench) scored the first 10 points of the third.

The T-Wolves pushed it back to 6-to-8 points, and held that lead for the rest of the quarter, entering the 4th with a 7-point cushion. Trailing by 7 with just over 10 minutes left, a unit led by the backcourt of  Ben Hansbrough and Gerald Green rattled of 19 straight points to give the Pacers the lead for good. Hansbrough, who finished the game with 10 points, collected 4 of his 7 assists during the 4-minute stretch, while Green scored 5 points and dished an assist. The big man tandem of Miles Plumlee and Jeff Pendergraph combined for 10 points and 4 rebounds, and fun was had by all.

Ah yes, the dreaded Hansbrough/Green/Plumlee/Pendergraph quartet. Here are some other things you should know:

  • Kevin Love played 12 minutes; Brandon Roy played 8 minutes; Big Pek played 12; JJ Barea played 16; Luke Ridnour, Andrei Kirilenko, Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert and George Hill did not play. Thus the decidedly D/Summer League flavor of the box score.
  • Derrick Williams did play, though. He played a lot: 38 minutes to be exact, scoring 25 points on 9 of 19 shooting. Here’s what Rick Adelman had to say about that (via the Star Tribune):

I thought [Williams] played pretty good…What I liked about him was he made two or three efforts. He’d go to the basket, they’d bother him and he’d go right up and get it. That’s good to see. … If he plays that hard all the time at both ends, that’s a completely different circumstance for him.

This is amazing news for the Wolves. An aggressive, efficient Derrick Williams could make the difference between the Wolves remaining an oddly formed curiosity and a legitimately threatening team. Keep doing this, please.

  • Look at the ridiculous stuff Gerald Green was doing to the Wolves. And it even looks like Shved was sticking him pretty hard on some of those. Man Pacers fans, get ready for an amazing ride.

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0 thoughts on “Timberwolves 91, Pacers 96: Williams shines, everyboy sits

  1. I have to say it….Why the heck did Minnesota think letting a 22-year-old Gerald Green walk for nothing in return was a good idea????? Please, seriously, someone answer me!

    1. In fairness, he was terrible when he played for the Wolves. And its not like he’s done anything since, current preseason game against exactly 0 NBA starters notwithstanding.

  2. Yeah, but the Wolves were Terrible (with a capital T), when Green played here. He was losing minutes to that fool Ricky Davis. In fact, kevin McHale or whoever was running things never really gave Green any significant minutes on an awful team. Gerald Green was very good for New Jersey’s bench last year. It would have been worth keep Green around until we needed him at SG last yr…………response to that? please

  3. Green did well for the first time in the nba last season after being called up by the nets. We let him go because he was coasting on his athletecism and showed no work ethic until after we cut him. When we signed him he had already been a bust for the Celtics, and you’ll notice teams weren’t exactly clamoring for him over the past few years. That’s why we don’t have Gerald “I can blow out candles on the rim!” Green.

  4. Yeah I can see why they didnt want to wait for Green to develop a work ethic. But his freakish athletic ability should have enticed them to keep him for a while longer. Did they have the option to send him to Sioux Falls and retain the rights to bring him back, like ML Baseball?

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