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JJ Barea warned for flopping; next one is a paddlin'

JJ Barea has been warned by the NBA for a flop against the Sacramento Kings. Jimmer Fredette was dribbling toward the right side of the floor, put his forearm up to clear space from Barea, and was whistled for the foul as Barea snapped his head back.

This is what I like to call “JJ Barea’s Three-Card Monte.” He does this pretty much every game and it usually works in drawing a foul against his opponent. I don’t know that they’re often as fabricated as this one, but it does happen. Either he tricks his opponent into raising their forearm into him and he takes the contact, or he makes it look like they do. Either way, it happens a lot.

Next one for JJ will result in a $5,000 fine from the league office. If Barea does this once a game for all 82 games, it will cost him just over $400,000 of his $4 million salary this season. He didn’t get a chance to do it against the Raptors, but he can make up for that tonight against the bigger Deron Williams.

If you look at that play slowly, it almost looks like Barea brings his arm up into Jimmer’s raised arm and forces Jimmer’s hand near his face. Is that close to the self-flop seen on this play?

Not quite there but it’s close.

Also, it looks like Barea is likely to play tonight. According to Jerry Zgoda, he went through the concussion tests and thinks it “looks good.” Good to know he’s okay and not feeling any ill effects from the collision last night.

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