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Get yourself the first AWAW zip-up hoodie!

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The first A Wolf Among Wolves zip-up hoodie is now available.

Have $40 to spend? Want to avoid being cold while we wait for the snow to thaw and the mercury to rise? Need something swaggeristic (made it up) to wear to Wolves games? Then the AWAW zip-up hoodie is perfect for you!

It comes in black with white print or heather grey with blue print. There is a design on the left sleeve that may look familiar to you, a standard zipper down the middle of the front, and our AWAW lettering on the hood of the sweatshirt. They run a little big for their size, but will also shrink a bit if you wash them on warm.

There are still a few issues in getting up a store on the site right now (stupid plugin coding I don’t understand), so until that gets resolved we’re going to have to go through a much more archaic manner of ordering the hoodies.

Supplies are limited until we print more, so you’ll need to act fast if you want one. Here’s how the ordering process will be until the store can be implemented into the site: 

If you want to order the AWAW hoodie, you’ll have to send me an email. Tell me which color and size you need for the hoodie. You’ll also tell me where to send it, I’ll compile the shipping costs, and we’ll use PayPal to complete the transaction. It will be yours in just a matter of a couple business days.

As of right now, here is the inventory we have (all sizes are standard men’s sizing but we will eventually offer women’s sizes too, if demand permits):

Grey hoodie with blue print

Medium: 1
Large: 7
XL: 10

Black hoodie with white print

Medium: 4
Large: 8
XL: 9

Hoodies are $40 each, plus shipping and handling.

There are also seven grey hoodies with blue print (two mediums and two larges) that were messed up in the printing process. Nothing is wrong with the hoodies in terms of quality; they just happen to have had the print placed on the right sleeve instead of the left sleeve. Those “misprinted” hoodies will be available for $25, but it’s a limited time deal. Once those seven are gone, the full price hoodies will be the only ones available.

Orders will be first come, first serve for this initial printing. But there will be other items coming soon and more hoodies printed in the near future if demand is high enough. If you miss out on a size, you’ll be placed on a waiting list for the item.


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2 thoughts on “Get yourself the first AWAW zip-up hoodie!

  1. It’s like you put Pek’s tat on there just to draw me in. It’s tempting, but I’d need a 2XL (or, more ideally, a 2XLT). I imagine it wouldn’t be worth your effort to have those kinds of sizes around–and maybe they’re not even available like that.

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