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J.J. Barea's Flagrant-2 is downgraded to a Flagrant-1

J.J. Barea was unhappy with Ray Allen pushing off near Barea’s throat, and decided to even it out by bumping Ray to the ground. Allen then lost his cool, got up to confront Barea and your typical NBA kerfuffle broke out.

Official Ed Malloy went to the monitor, probably watched a torture scene from the movie Hostel, and deemed that the action he saw on the monitor was not acceptable for an NBA game. He changed the Flagrant-1 foul to a Flagrant-2, which gives Barea the automatic boot from the game. After the game, Barea expressed his thoughts on Ray overreacting to a “soft foul,” said he’s been hit much harder than that every night, and said he expected the NBA to downgrade it to a Flagrant-1 foul.

The NBA has done just that, this afternoon:

The NBA has downgraded a Flagrant-2 foul on Minnesota Timberwolves guard J.J. Barea to a Flagrant-1 foul.

The Timberwolves announced the decision on Tuesday, one day after Barea was ejected in the fourth quarter against Miami after a foul on Heat guard Ray Allen. Barea knocked Allen to the court with a chest bump and Allen immediately took exception and confronted Barea. Officials initially ruled it a Flagrant-One, which gives the opponent two shots and the ball.

Upon reviewing the play, referee Ed Malloy changed it to a Flagrant-Two, which brings an automatic ejection. The Wolves were down six at the time, but Miami responded with a 17-5 run to put the game away.

Barea says he is pleased with the league’s decision.

A Flagrant-2 foul could result in a suspension for the next game if the league decides that it’s necessary to punish the player who committed the foul, but it’s not an automatic suspension. But by downgrading it to a Flagrant-1, it ensures Barea won’t miss any time, which he shouldn’t. Should it have been a Flagrant-1? That’s debatable. I, personally, don’t have a problem with it being a regular foul or a flagrant. But to watch that play and say it’s an ejectable offense just seems crazy to me.

If Ray Allen doesn’t react that way, Barea probably doesn’t get ejected. I don’t think it was a matter of this being a Wolves-Heat thing or anything like that; I think it was simply a matter of an overmatched crew chief for the officials losing control of the game and not knowing how to regain control by any way outside of tossing Barea.

Good to see the league changed it to the proper foul designation.

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7 thoughts on “J.J. Barea's Flagrant-2 is downgraded to a Flagrant-1

  1. Get rid of J.J. Barea.We have enough white ball handlers. J.J. does nothing except flop, create turnovers, miss shots, and constantly display his little man syndrome. Yeah J.J. youre short, and you suck. You were cool when you were in Dallas but you got a big head here in MN and think your better than you are. You suck and GTFO

  2. What does him being “white” even though he’s Puerto Rican have to do with anything here?

    Also, aside from Chase, Malcolm, and Love, Barea has the greatest net differential on the Wolves this year. This means of anybody who has played significant minutes for the Wolves this season, the Wolves have been the best when Barea is on the floor. This is most likely skewed because of the significant injuries, but facts are facts. I’m not against or for Barea on this team long-term, but I prefer we try to think about his positon on the team with some kind of common sense.

    Other than that, really intelligent comment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you, Zach. Mr. Hill, please take your trolling to the StarTribune where you’ll fit in a lot better.

    I’m glad the NBA stepped in and changed the call to flagrant one, though it doesn’t do anything to help the fact that Barea was unjustly ejected. I used to like Ray Allen a lot as a player but how he behaved last night was really disappointing.

  4. I am glad they downgraded it. It was hilarious to me that JJ got tossed for a bump during play, while Jarrett Jack did not get tossed for a forearm shiver to Greg Stiemsma during a deadball.

  5. Ibaka hits Griffin in the nuts and doesnt get ejected and then little Barea chest bumps Allen and Allen appeared to be off balance when the bump was inititated and made it look worse than what it was. I loved reading Barea’s lips as he was walking off the court. I know Barea is small, but if I was a betting man, Id take him over Allen in a brawl.

    I like Barea, yes at times he gets big headded and has you wondering what he is thinking, but I like the attitude, the fire, and his potential to change games off the bench.

  6. Barea is the only Twolf that can consistently breakdown his defender and penetrate into the paint, and unlike Rubio he is a threat finish it with a decent floater, jump shot, or assist pass. His intense up tempo style of play was key in helping to wear down opposing teams during the Mav’s championship run. What’s hurting him is the TWolves is FG % is the worst the league, so defenders leave their perimeter man so as to converge on the paint and don’t mind giving up the pass to the guy with the open jump shot. The Twolf’s have got to find a way to up their FG %, especially 3’s or they will just go down in flames game after game. And IMHO Rubio has got to take care of the ball better and quit making so many TO in an attempt to make a 5 highlight reel assist passes. He’s got to work become a legit threat to finish the play and score himself or else defenders will back up on him and look to deflect his passes.

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