2012-13 Season, Highlights

Ricky Rubio gets the triple dipper like it's Applebee's up in here

Rubio dips three times fool

I know Steve is going to have a great recap for you tomorrow/today, but I thought I’d throw up the video highlights of Ricky Rubio’s first career triple-double just because this stuff is fun to look at.

21 points (one off his career-high) on 9-of-17 shooting, 13 rebounds (career-high), and 12 assists. And most importantly, he did it in a big victory over the Spurs. It wasn’t big in the sense that it changed their season; it just legitimized the triple-double because it happened in a win over a good team (even if they were missing guys). Here are the highlights from the NBA’s YouTube channel. 

And here’s that crazy double behind-the-back move all by its lonesome, thanks to @cjzero:

Also, if you wouldn’t mind clicking and possibly reading, I wrote about the triple-double for Rubio over on the CBSSports.com Eye on Basketball blog. The clicks keep me employed and you don’t want me losing my job and roaming the skyways of Minneapolis, begging for food.

One last thing, this is what happens when Rubio does the Stiemsma 3-point celebration:


That’s right; greatness happens.


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