2013 Offseason

Ricky Rubio is going all out to woo big free agents

A Lou among Wolves

Ricky Rubio Instragram’d a photo of a vacation in Puerto Rico in which Greg Stiemsma, Dante Cunningham, and JJ Barea joined Rubio in trying to woo unrestricted free agent Lou Amundson.

Teams can’t officially start talking to teams before July 1st, but that doesn’t mean players can’t do a little “light tampering” by inviting their friends to a great weekend vacation in Puerto Rico. It’s nice to see Rubio and the other Wolves’ players take the initiative to improve this team’s talent level before the rest of the organization is allowed to.

That’s how title teams come together, folks.

(Photo via Instagram)

UPDATE: I will come up with a sarcasm meter that is very AWAW, but from the suggestion of Brian and the response of a few on Twitter, let’s just use this one for now.


Lou is just good friends with everybody on the team still.

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0 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio is going all out to woo big free agents

  1. Sometimes I feel that, as a reader of internet commentary, I would benefit from a sarcasm meter. To what is this post about “wooing big free agent” Lou Amundson intended to be sarcastic? My ability to infer nuance is insufficiently developed to tell.

    Or perhaps I’m just too overwhelmed by feelings of jealousy as I watch it snow outside the window of my office.

  2. It’s amazing that anyone would assume that this post is anything but sarcastic. He didn’t even make it through the season on a team decimated by injuries.

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