…aaaand Andre Roberson at 26

The Wolves have taken Andre Roberson of Colorado with the 26th pick. Again, I would be very surprised if they walked out of the draft with three guaranteed contracts on their books, but just for fun, or in case I’m wrong somehow, here are his college stats, as per Draft Express.

Update: Sure enough, the Wolves appear to have sold this pick to the Warriors (who then moved it to OKC). Makes sense since they didn’t want another guaranteed deal on their hands…but I wonder why they didn’t manage to wrangle a future late-first round pick out of the deal.

Update Update: Turns out Malcolm Lee and a 2014 Golden State second-rounder were also part of this deal. All about cap space it appears. So long Malcolm Lee.



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  1. How does trading the 26th pick in this draft for a future 2nd round pick (GS? Probably mid 40s?) make any sense at all?

    1. It makes sense from a salary standpoint in that the Wolves didn’t want to pick up three guaranteed deals when they still have to re-sign Pek and Bud. Like you, I’m a bit disappointed that they couldn’t swing a future 1st rounder out of it. But on the other hand I can see how the 26th pick in a weak draft is not exactly a hot commodity. On the other other hand, the Warriors managed to flip it to OKC for another 1st rounder.

  2. I see this draft as another disaster in a long line of Wolf draft day disasters. Shabazz is like a smaller version of Michael Beasley – no defense, me-first, no passing, less athletic, off-court issues, Dieng is barely an upgrade at backup C over Stiesma, and the other players won’t make the team. We had the assets to move up a couple slots and take KCP or McLemore. Hell, McCollum would have given much better than Shabazz. Or keep Burke and try to make that work. Burke will be a starting PG in this league. Shabazz will bounce around and his ceiling will be off the bench instant offense for a bottom feeder team. Oh wait, that’s our Wolves team in a couple years when Adelman, Rubio, and Love flee from this poorly run, hopeless franchise.

  3. I’m sure the Wolves tried to move up to get McLemore, but Sacto wasn’t willing to part with a player some think is the best in the draft and who fell to them at #7. Minny probably reasonably thought KCP would fall to them at #9, but they got screwed by Detroit,who no one had picking KCP. I agree with other posters that they did a reasonable job of adjusting to a bad situation. I’m not a huge fan of Shabazz, but he does have potential if he wants to be a good player.

  4. we let cj go to portland (who they wanted) and trade a pick to them.. something funny going on bet theres no max offer to pek by portland.. closed door deal

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