2013 NBA Draft

Timberwolves take Gorgui Dieng at 21

The Wolves also got the 21st pick in that Utah deal. With it, they drafted Louisville’s Gorgui Dieng. Here’s his vid:

Not to speculate, but my guess is that this means a) the 26th pick is getting moved and b) we’ve seen the last of Greg Stiemsma.

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7 thoughts on “Timberwolves take Gorgui Dieng at 21

  1. Gorgui is better than u think. he can defend the 4 or 5, block shots, and hit the mid range jumper, but his biggest asset is his passing. its remarkable for a man his size.

    1. Except that he’s only been playing for six years so there’s gonna be some upside. The age is a concern though.

  2. Watch Dieng’s highlights, interviews and workout videos.

    High character guy who’s extremely bright, articulate and team-oriented. Remarkable quickness, body control, footwork, hands and shot block timing. Can guard 4 or 5 and is outstanding guarding the low blocks. Gut instinct tells me he could turn out to be a great pick for the Wolves. I love Pek but have serious concerns about his durability and longevity. Can’t wait to see Dieng’s contributions to this team. I’m less confident with the trade for Shabaaz…but am OK with taking a chance on him.

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