2013 NBA Draft

Timberwolves trade Burke and draft Shabazz

That didn’t take long. The Wolves have traded Burke to the Utah Jazz for the the 14th and 21st picks in this year’s draft. And with that 14th pick they chose…Shabazz Muhammad of UCLA. Here’s what Zach had to say about him earlier this week:

Here’s what I like about Shabazz: he can score (I think getting more scorers on this team can only be a good thing), he can shoot (not a deadeye but he’s not Wes Johnson either), he’s a good spot-up shooter (Rubio safety valve option?), he gets to the free throw line, a huge part of his game is getting out in transition (Wolves want to run), he rebounds well enough, and I think his wingspan turns him into a player with the potential to be a good defender. He only goes left, it seems but I still think he has the ability to become a well-rounded scorer. He also moves incredibly well without the ball and can post up a bit.

Here’s what worries me about Shabazz: he’s a bit of a tweener when it comes to playing shooting guard or playing small forward (which will plague him until he learns how to defend), he doesn’t pass at all (it’s both good and bad because he can’t be Derrick Williams out there but he also doesn’t turn it over much at all either), he’s not someone that generates a lot of turnovers (but that could develop), not a great athlete (length could make up for a lot there but he has to be quick, more than explosive), and he can’t shoot much off the dribble.

And here’s his DraftExpress video:

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0 thoughts on “Timberwolves trade Burke and draft Shabazz

  1. Ricky will help him in the transition game. Love if he stays will be a solid leader. Adding to the up and down tempo will get the T/C smiling again.

  2. When KCP was drafted I think the Wolves adjusted nicely. The Wolves pick up a wing scorer, which I believe is the better pick than McCollum when you add Dieng into the picture. All in all, excited to see who is left at 26.

  3. I don’t like this pick one bit. I was hoping they would move up to 7 to take mclemore when he fell. I’m sure trey burke will be yet another great point guard that is given away like ty lawson.

  4. I love our reaction to our guy KCP dropping. Shabazz can contribute right away off the bench or even as a starter, and Dieng will also contribute right away as a backup center with productive minutes which might allow us to limit Pek’s minutes and keep him healthy. I also like that we got rid of Malcolm Lee to free up just a tad more space to resign pek and chase. Wonderful draft, although not how we drew it up.

  5. I really hope Shabazz grows up, but he could be a cancer on the team if he doesn’t.

    Check out his awful snub of teammate Larry Drew after Drew hit a game winning shot when he wanted the shot himself:

  6. This is a terrible, terrible draft. Best of luck to Mr. Muhammad, but he would have been a pick I’d have trouble getting excited about at 26. His numbers from college are bad: he’s not a great shooter except spotting up, he doesn’t rebound all that well, his steals and blocks numbers are low, and he averaged less than one assist a game. Maybe lightning will strike and he’ll be a great player and teammate, but I can’t respect an organization that gambles like that. Flip Saunders is an embarrassment, and Glenn Taylor’s complete apathy about owning a team is especially galling.

  7. Shabazz could become great and Dieng was a great pick at 21. The Timberwolves are entering the first year of a long playoffs stay.

    Go Wolves! 🙂

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