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Your 2013 NBA Draft Minnesota Timberwolves Buzz Post Spectacular


Here we are. It’s 2013 NBA Draft Day and the Wolves possess the 9th, 26th, 52nd, and 59th picks in the draft.

UPDATE 5:35pm CT:

UPDATE 3:23pm CT: 

This isn’t much of an update so don’t get totally excited here but just thought I’d update everybody with some of the updated Mock Drafts:

Chad Ford’s Mock Draft 7.1 on ESPN.com: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at 9 to the Wolves, C.J. McCollum at 7 to the Kings

Draft Express’ Mock Draft: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at 9 to the Wolves, C.J. McCollum at 7 to the Kings

Chris Mannix’s Mock Draft 6.0 on SI.com: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at 9 to the Wolves, C.J. McCollum at 15 to the Bucks

Scott Howard-Cooper’s Final Mock on NBA.com: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at 9 to the Wolves, C.J. McCollum at 10 to the Blazers

KCP it is! 

Originally posted at 11:30am CT: We’ve discussed the options at No. 9 and we’ve discussed the options at No. 26.

It seems like the two most likely options at No. 9 in this draft are C.J. McCollum out of Lehigh University and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope out of Georgia (the university, not Zaza Pachulia’s home country). I’m starting to think McCollum will be off the board before the Wolves even get a shot at him, but regardless, I wouldn’t mind either guy going No. 9 and coming to the Target Center. The more video of each I watch, the more confused I seem to get on the matter.

The funny thing is I don’t think choosing one over the other (if both players are available) is a mistake, no matter what the outcome is. If they get a shot at either and take McCollum, I’ll be happy with the pick. If they decide to take KCP over C.J. then I’ll be happy with that too. I don’t think it will happen based on some murmurs about draft workouts, but I can swallow the idea of Shabazz Muhammad at No. 9 as well, but I don’t think it will come to that. Most likely, we’re going to end up getting one of these guys to root for and I think that’s pretty fun.

With the 26th pick in the draft, I would advise not to expect the Wolves to pick anybody that makes sense. Why is that, you say? According to a couple of sources (I sound so reporter-y!), this pick is going to be traded and we shouldn’t expect the pick to be made by the Wolves. Doesn’t mean they’ll trade it before the pick is made. Remember the Ty Lawson thing? It’s kind of like that. The Wolves will probably pick someone and ship the draft rights of said selection to another team. It sounds like that other team will be the Brooklyn Nets. The deal would likely be something like Mickael Gelabale and the pick for MarShon Brooks, but I can’t get confirmation on that.

I like MarShon Brooks and definitely wanted him on the team in 2011 with the 20th pick. If all of this is true (and we’ll get into it with a trade post if this does in fact go down), you’re basically trying to figure out if there was a better player than Brooks available at 26. In this draft? Probably not. But is there a better fit available if someone like Allen Crabbe, Tim Hardaway, Jr., or Glen Rice, Jr. is out there? That’s the question I have. Brooks is a scorer but can’t shoot from outside. Wolves need offense, but they also need spacing. I just don’t know that he fits or is the type of guy Rick Adelman will give a lot of leeway to on the court.

Again, nothing is definite yet but I’ve been told not to expect the Wolves to actually pick at 26.

Here are a few random thoughts and tidbits:

— The Charlotte Bobcats might like Cody Zeller. The problem is Rich Cho convincing Michael Jordan that Zeller is the guy for them when they’re picking with the 4th overall pick. A year ago, that would have been just right for Zeller but his stock has fallen considerably in the past year. If the Orlando Magic take Ben McLemore with the 2nd pick in the draft, would the Wolves be able to work something out with Charlotte by trading Derrick Williams and the 9th pick to move up and grab Victor Oladipo? Would that be enough to get the deal done and allow the Bobcats to grab Zeller at 9? Would they want the 26th pick as well?

Could the Wolves work out a three-team deal with the Nets and Bobcats that gives Charlotte Derrick Williams, 9th pick (Cody Zeller), MarShon Brooks, and the 26th pick while the Wolves get the 4th pick (Victor Oladipo) and the Nets get Ramon Sessions, Mickael Gelabale and a future second round pick? Does this make any sense? What if Orlando takes Oladipo and McLemore is on the table? Have I simply been playing on the ESPN Trade Machine too much?

— It’s always really hard to project how NBA draft prospects are going to work out because talent, situation, drive, etc. are all hard things to pinpoint with players. But there have been a few really interesting things on the internet trying to project how these guys might shake out. I very much recommend Kevin Pelton’s projections in which he has Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as the third best projected player. McCollum has the fifth best projection.

— I also recommend checking out the work from vjl110 on Canis Hoopus with projections and player comparisons for the prospects in this draft. There, McCollum is the 4th best projection for the prospects and KCP is 9th. Regardless, you’re not seeing a big drop-off in the guys we think we want and where they’re projecting. Vjl110 also did a really cool breakdown of the likely hood that the player is a bust, bench player, starter or star.

— C.J. McCollum went to dinner with Henry Abbott of TrueHoop and they put the conversation on TrueHoop TV, which is always really well put together. In it, McCollum talks about studying journalism, not because it was easy, but because he thought he’d be really good at it. Just from hearing him talk in a few interviews, I’m pretty sure he would be.

That leaves us with the Wolves possibly choosing between The Reporter and The Pope. If you follow on Twitter or have a great handle on just how big of an idiot I am, then you already know that I made photoshops to represent the possible selection of each player.

The Reporter vs. The Pope




That’s where we are for right now. As more news/items become available throughout the day, we will update this page with new stuff at the top of the post.

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0 thoughts on “Your 2013 NBA Draft Minnesota Timberwolves Buzz Post Spectacular

  1. I guess we’ll have to wait for history to establish what the best moves would have been for the Wolves but I just don’t get it. You look at a guy like Anthony Bennett and how high some expect him to be drafted. Isn’t Derrick William already a better player than Bennett? Derrick has been in the league two years and is improving and proving he belongs. Bennett is the same player without the history to show he can make the transition. Yet we have to give up WIlliams and the nine? It just seems like a bad trade to include Derrick and a high lottery pick to pick up a player who may only be slightly better (and that has yet to be determined) than what they could get if they just stand pat and pick KCP or CJ whichever is there when it’s their turn to draft. I could see a minor move to 7 to ensure they get which ever player they deem “the one” out of those two but to give up that much for a player I don’t think is going to rate (I hate to say it) any better than Corey Brewer (I am talking Oladipo) it makes no sense to me. I feel like this is something Kahn would do. and I have to say when it’s something that Kahn would do, do the opposite.

  2. Who is who?

    Versatile forward
    High basketball IQ
    Very efficient, rarely takes a bad shot
    Has terrific quickness in the paint
    Power finisher at the rim
    Good shooter with three point range
    Can play inside and out
    Good athlete with quick first step
    Has a great second bounce
    Big time competitor on both ends of the floor


    Long, super athletic forward
    NBA body
    Explosive leaper
    Can score inside and out
    Jump shot range out to the 3-point line
    Excellent rebounder
    Great hands

  3. Seriously though, I’m not crazy about the idea of moving Williams and the #9 pick to move up for Oladipo (I definitely think he rates far above Corey Brewer coming out of college and I remember how high on Brewer most of us were), but I do get why it would take that to move up.

    The only reason I’d be fine with that kind of move is because of the salary implications. If this team plans on keeping AK and Pek, we start approaching the luxury tax and a couple million here or there coud be the difference in keeping someone like Chase Budinger as well. For those purposes, I wouldn’t feel great about giving up on Williams, but I’d accept it as a necessary move.

  4. We don’t get to make the call Zack but do you think that Oladipo is going to be that much better than KCP? I actually believe in 5 years when we look back KCP will be the player that we wanted Oladipo to be and Oladipo will still be looking for his shot.

  5. Do you think OKC likes KCP enough to trade Lamb and 13 for him at 9? Maybe throw in 26. I think Lamb would be a good defensive 2 with size we need on the second unit in between JJ/Luke and Bud. 13 also keeps us in the hunt with a couple of different players (maybe Karasev). It doesn’t address our starting need, but I think there will be other options available (trade, FA) that could potentially fill that role and we would still have D Will and Luke/JJ available to make a move. This trade would help solidify our depth in a draft where there seems to be a lot of depth available, but not a lot of top level talent.

  6. Kyle, I don’t know they like KCP enough to give up two assets for him. Personally, I’d much rather have Pope than Jeremy Lamb. I think Jeremy Lamb has a lot more Gerald Green in him than anybody and we’ve been down that road before.

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