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Report: Wolves and Kevin Martin agree to four-year, $28 million deal


Now that the Timberwolves have lost out on J.J. Redick, they’ve turned their attention to Kevin Martin as the backup plan for the shooting guard position.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports and Sam Amick of USA Today, the Wolves and Martin have agreed on a four-year, $28 million contract. The awkward but accurate shooting guard is incredibly familiar with Rick Adelman’s system, which he came into the league with in Sacramento and played in with the Houston Rockets for a couple of seasons. 

Here are the things we need to understand about this team as of right now:

  1. Yes, they cannot defend. Or at least as of right now, it looks like they won’t be able to defend. This signing, unless we see some kind of weird sign-and-trade thing happen, means Andrei Kirilenko is probably gone from this team. To have room to make this signing for Martin, the Wolves will have to renounce the free agent rights of Kirilenko, who had an $11 million cap hold. Once they renounce his rights, he’d only be able to re-sign as a regular free agent and he’s probably not taking the veteran’s minimum after opting out of $10 million this season.
  2. This team can SCORE though. With Ricky Rubio distributing to Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic, this team should be one of the top offensive teams in the NBA. If they’re anywhere outside of the Top 8 in offense, it will be a disappointment. If this team is a Top 20 team in defense, it will be a huge bonus. There shouldn’t be anymore Infinite Sorrow with the 3-point shooting. We may see quite a few games with both teams over 110 points each.
  3. Does this make the Wolves a contender? Absolutely not. And this has upset quite a few folks tweeting at me at the announcement of this agreement. I’ve seen a lot of complaining about this team not being able to defend, and some of it is justified. If this team is awesome on offense, making the games fun, and this team sneaks into the seventh or eighth seed, I’ll be pretty happy with the upcoming season. Too much has been made of trying to get this team into the playoffs and contending for a title right away so we don’t lose Kevin Love. That’s easier said than done and when you’re a team like the Wolves with a past nine years like they’ve had, you have to take the necessary steps to climb up the ranks of the league. This is one of those steps.
  4. I’d be shocked if the fourth year of this deal is completely guaranteed.
  5. This team just got better. I know it’s not the amount of better everybody wanted, but I do think this team is going to be a lot of fun. Frustrating at times, sure. But also a lot of fun.
  6. They still have a backup point guard that makes $4 million (either J.J. Barea or Luke Ridnour) to deal and can bring in a wing defender with an asset like that. This roster is still changing.
  7. I hope things go the Wolves way so Martin doesn’t actually pout like he did in Sacramento.
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0 thoughts on “Report: Wolves and Kevin Martin agree to four-year, $28 million deal

  1. Who’s going to be the wing that we bring in? It’s a rarity enough as it is to find a defensive minded wing so I’m just curious as to what team is going to want to give that up. Any chance of a Matt Barnes sign and trade where we give them JJ plus a pick or something along those lines? I don’t see that happening at all honestly, but I’d love to see it.

  2. Sources tell me that I am happy with this signing. We still have rubio, getting his deflections & stepping in to passing lanes, a year older & wiser. Pek is never going to be an amazing rim protector, but his year-over-year improvement on both ends of the court has been solid to amazing. Adding a guy like Dieng *may* help anchor the second unit (and if he’s a stud defender, he might find 4th qtr minutes against certain lineups or critical situations). And yes, offensively it is going to be a joy to watch. We all know how good Rubio is… with this lineup I think we’ll see him take it to a whole new level – aka all star.

  3. I thought the team was a playoff contender before this without AK. They were a playoff contender with the likes of Beasley, webster on the team. With a healthy Love and Rubio they need guys like martin who can score. Martin is great at screens and can score without the ball which is what you need when you have rubio.

  4. Mark-

    I’m really confused as to what playoff contending team you were referring to when we had Beasley and Webster on the team. They won 17 games (17!) in their first year and a whopping 26 the next. This is even before the West became as stacked as it is today.

  5. Chase budinger is a sixth man, but Derrick Williams is the small forward of the future (future meaning this year and beyond). Also I would much rather see us keep J.J than luke. And let’s be honest Kevin Martin is here to fill in until Shabazz is ready. Which shouldn’t take four years. With the money we have left I say we go after Elton Brand, he could really help our overall team defense if he played a role on the second unit, or even a guy like Lamar odom who is a big name who adds championship experience and defense.

  6. Last years team, if it had stayed healthy, was a playoff contender for a 6-8 seed. Even with a giant hole at shooting guard.

    This team is going to be better than that. A title contender? Probably not, although with the right matchup the conference finals is a perfectly realistic possibility.

  7. Hmm Well, To be honest this team needs Cory Brewer to return…. Martin was my last choice of the guys I knew they were looking at. I guess we can just forget defense. But Zack said that, and there is no denying there will be none. I am more than just a little concerned over the length and amount of these contracts.

    But we are a playoff team, and I do disagree with Zack on the seeding. I see the west as


    and from there it can go anywhere and the Spurs really are not a lock at a top 4 Houston, and the Nuggets have their share of holes as well, and even if the Lakers do manage Howard, it”s still the same team that barely made the playoff and is a year older. Golden State is one bad ankle from missing the playoffs entirely. So yeah the west is stacked at the top 3 and the Griz have a new coach. But there is a legit shot at a 4 seed and from there it’s anybody’s game.

  8. I like the pickup from a roster standpoint and he will fill up the stat lines for the Wolves as long as he is healthy, but I got no respect for Kevin Martin. Nine years in the league, collecting fat checks on bad teams to put up empty numbers his whole career and at the age of 30 with maybe 3-4 more good years left, he goes to the perfect situation to win . . . and washes out of the playoffs and immediately jumps ship to a decent team, but one where he will have no pressure to accomplish anything and gets paid more to boot. The darling of the advanced metrics guys shows the problem with stat geekery, you still can’t measure heart.

  9. If/when we sign Pek, this is the best Wolves squad since the ’04 run (provided there are no major injury problems again). As a Wolves fan, I’m excited. I’m pumped to see Rubio play with someone who has a money jumper. At this point there may be some holes on D, but my guess is Flip isn’t done shaking up the roster and will bring in a Trenton Hassel type guy to keep Kobe/Durant/James under 50 pts per game against us.

  10. Well, it’s an okay team! What do you want me to say, we haven’t been to the playoffs in ages, so this roster looks pretty decent. Albeit, last year’s roster could have been in the playoff hunt too had they not been all injured. The draft didn’t go well for us since we didn’t walk away with the 3PT specialist in KCP or trade up for McLemore or Oladipo, so I’m fine with getting Martin. It was kind of like a pick your poison option that they had with Martin or resigning Kirilinko. Martin helps us space the floor much better which Kirilinko, a non-shooter can’t do, even though are defense will suffer. Hopefully, the Lakers don’t resign Howard and the Jazz don’t resign the Millsap, so it can open the doors for the Wolves to walk into the playoffs.

  11. Darren Wolfson said the Wolves are interested in Chauncey?!?! I love it.

    The idea is a sign and trade with OKC for Kevin Martin, probably sending Barea or Ridnour and likely another piece (williams?). The only reason OKC would do that is to allow the Wolves to hold on to cash to re sign AK (to keep him away from their rival Spurs). Then apparently we are looking to deal the other backup PG to sign Billups.


    I like it.

  12. Why would we send Williams to OKC? There would be no reason to do that the money would be either Ridnour/Barea + Gelabale’s none guaranteed. Flip must still think Chauncey can play, if there is any truth at all to that rumor.

    There were plenty of chances during the draft to trade Derrick, it would be insane to deal him now.

  13. I think his reason for adding williams was to clear enough cap to resign Kirilenko. I am not a big fan of that idea, I love AK47, but Wolves will not be legit title contenders within the next 2 years, and then Kirilenko would be gone by then.

  14. Well said farnorth (I’m referencing the comment which starts with “Hmm Well, To be honest”….I agree with everything in that post. I am most definitely NOT a fan of Kevin Martin (shorter version of Michael Beasley statistics-wise, save for last year). Instead of “wacky/crazy” Beaz we get an emotional SG who pouts. Oh well, at least we kept Budinger.

  15. Jordan, if you do a S&T for Martin with Ridnour and Galebale you free up about 4.5 per year and the Wolves still have a little room under the cap. (I would rather do Barea and Gelabale but JJ makes more per year and has an extra year on his deal). Galebale is non guaranteed so he is just there to facilitate the trade. I do not know exactly what the cap situation is with the Wolves so I am WAGing on some of this but, if OKC plays ball or we can get another team involved. there is still a real slim chance we can get AK back and still add Martin and retain Budinger.

    Ridnour is a solid backup PG and only has a year on his deal so he is a good trade asset.

    We have got to see what Derrick does this year. It would be a shame to waste his potential when we have invested two years and have seen some growth.

  16. Good reasons to criticize this signing: Martin’s injury history and lack of defense, the possibility that a 3 and D guy would’ve been cheaper.

    Everything else is illogical BS. Even if Martin is the basketball equivalent of a 1B w/bad range, he’s such an efficient and productive offensive player. Beasley was not. efficient. at. all. Martin joins Budinger in being elite complementary offensive players. It’s not his fault the Kings overpaid him and required him to carry the load; they’ve been much worse with guys like Evans and Cousins. He’s better than Mayo.

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