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Wolves agree with Chase Budinger for three years, $16 million


I’ve got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is the Timberwolves verbally agreed to a deal with Chase Budinger for three years and $16 million the same day that Martell Webster and the Washington Wizards agreed to a deal for four years and $22 million. The third year for Budinger is a player option, which I think gives the Wolves great flexibility moving forward.

The bad news is J.J. Redick is officially off the market. He’s agreed to a sign-and-trade as a part of a three-team, four-player deal that will send him to the Clippers. Here is the info from the tweets:

I think I’m pretty well established on record for why I think Chase Budinger is such a big role player for this team. He’s had one solid year from 3-point range, two bad years, and one great year. One of the bad years was last season when he played just 23 games due to a lateral tear in his meniscus. Personally, I think a healthy season next year will have him back above 40% from 3-point range and his movement off the ball will make him a huge asset in this offense.

It’s safe to assume the Wolves would complete the Budinger deal after they’ve signed a free agent to take up the rest of their cap space (roughly $6.2 million).

(Side note: That is a HELL of a deal for the Clippers. They just got two incredible wing role players for the price of an expiring contract and a promising young guard that happens to play the best position as Chris Paul. It’s a steal for the Clippers and a trade that could go down as one of the best moves of the offseason. I can’t believe the Bucks thought two second round picks, even if one is coming from the Suns, is good enough value for Redick, but them’s the breaks.)

As for the remaining options for the Wolves on the wing this offseason, let’s go over them real quick:

Kevin Martin – Probably the best option that I’m not crazy about. Martin is an incredibly efficient scorer that is mediocre at best on defense. But he knows the system and loves Adelman. He would be a good weapon for the Wolves as long as things are headed in the right direction. When things aren’t going the team’s way and not going his way, he tends to pout.

O.J. Mayo – I’m not big on this idea at all. Some people still think of Mayo as a player with a lot of potential. He looks like a slightly better type of player than what we saw with Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph. Yes, he has potential but he also doesn’t seem to ever want to get it. He doesn’t play a team game on either end of the floor, even though he’s one of the most talented guys out there. Lionel Hollins and Rick Carlisle couldn’t get through to him. Why would Rick Adelman magically be the guy?

Al-Farouq Aminu – This is a dark horse candidate here and someone our friends at Canis Hoopus have been talking up. But Aminu is only 22 years old, he’s a very good, rangy defensive player, and he showed a lot of improvements last year while playing with a willing passer in Greivis Vasquez. He can’t shoot a lick from outside, but he also doesn’t seem to take many shots he’s not capable of making. Give him a couple months with Adelman and he’d be great at cutting the baseline for dunks. Problem is we have no idea if he’s even on the Wolves radar.

Gerald Henderson – Another dark horse candidate but Henderson is also one of those great off-ball guys who can’t shoot. He can defend though and would be a great fit with the Wolves. The problem is he’s a restricted free agent and a starting salary of $6.2 million probably isn’t enough to scare off the Charlotte Bobcats.

Carlos Delfino – Chuck Delfino is a pesky, annoying guy out there on the court. He’d be a pain in the butt for a lot of opposing teams, kind of like a wing version of J.J. Barea. Delfino can stroke it from downtown and does a lot of things you ask out of wings in Adelman’s system. No clue if he’s on the Wolves’ radar right now.

Nick Young – There was a little chatter about Nick Young today and while I do love gunners, I’m not sure I could talk myself into this move. Young is a scorer, who shoots the 3-ball very well. But he doesn’t seem like an Adelman guy at all. Flip Saunders did coach him in Washington, and yet allegedly is still considering him.

Dorrell Wright – I really wouldn’t mind Dorrell Wright getting $4 million per for two or three years with this team. He led the NBA in threes made and attempted in the 2010-11 season with the Golden State Warriors while shooting a very respectable 37.6% from downtown. He does enough things well on both ends of the court to be a nice option, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable at four years for him.

Andrei Kirilenko – I pretty much wouldn’t mind everything else falling apart free agency-wise for the Wolves and them having to bring Andrei Kirilenko back for two or three years at around what he was getting. Three years would scare me a bit, but two years would be a fantastic contract. It basically makes it a one-year deal because then he’s expiring and a trade asset at that salary number in the second season. Enough contenders would be interested. I am worried about this team defending and I think, if healthy, they have more than enough to get a playoff spot as currently constructed. If they had to “settle” for Kirilenko, I’d be very happy as long as he doesn’t get a four-year deal.

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0 thoughts on “Wolves agree with Chase Budinger for three years, $16 million

  1. I still think Mayo is a better option than Martin. Martin is 30 and has been declining the last 2 seasons, he doesn’t give you much besides scoring, and i’ve heard more about his bad defense than any player in the league. Mayo can shoot the three, penetrate (who else is creating their own shot on this team? It’s not going to be within the system every possession), is better than Martin on D, and he’s younger.

    I would be happy with either, but you’re right han neither is ideal. I just hope we don’t end up with the Henderson/Young leftovers.

    One crazy possibility: Monta Ellis? Would he accept 7m/year if we waited long enough and no one offered him any big money? Would he be good for the team? It’s a big-time what if, but hey that’s what makes free agency fun right?

    At least we got Chase back. Whew.

  2. I’ve never been a huge fan of Kevin Martin, but I’m glad to see he was the SG that signed just because that means no Mayo. I’m really excited that Chase re-signed because I think when healthy, he really makes a difference. It was noticeable after he returned at the end of last season. I hope Flip will look at someone like Delfino for depth with the room exception if he can’t trade Luke/JJ for a wing.

  3. “has been declining the last 2 seasons”

    ..he was 9th in the NBA last year in points per shot. He’s top 20 in true shooting percentage. His volume numbers may have gone down, but his minutes have too, as did his role.

    In Minny, he’ll start, & likely get back to his slashing days, where he had some ridiculous FTA (8-10 per game), which should help drive the PPG back up a few.

  4. So Rubio/Martin/Bud/Love/Pek should be our starting five. With our current bench players there really is no defense at all on this team. I think we need to do something with Barea to get a defensive wing, but I don’t know what sort of value Barea could get us in return.

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