2013 Preseason

2013 preseason schedule for the Timberwolves has been announced

It’s getting to be about that time again. The summer is halfway over or halfway begun, depending on how big of an optimist you are, and we’re about two months away from the start of training camp for the 2013-14 season.

With that news, we’ve got the release of the 2013 preseason schedule a day before the regular season schedule is announced. As is the tradition now, the Wolves will play an international team (CSKA Moscow) in their preseason, play a couple of games away from the Target Center that would probably be home games in a typical setting, and they’ll play two games at the Target Center.

The teams we’ll (hopefully) see the Wolves play this preseason are a home and home with the Toronto Raptors (you can see Jonas Valanciunas and his new bulk at the Target Center!), the Milwaukee Bucks and their brand new O.J. Mayo (game in Sioux Falls), the tanking new look Boston Celtics, the new look REALLY tanking Philadelphia 76ers, and the Detroit Pistons with Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings.

Preseason Schedule


No clue yet as to what the TV schedule will or won’t be and tickets are not yet on sale for the preseason games at the Target Center. But the Wolves are almost back.

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  1. Random thought: What do you guys think about a potential trade of sending Alexey Shved to Indiana for Orlando Johnson and some other compensatory pieces that make the numbers work? I love what I saw from Johnson in Summer League and he won’t be getting hardly any minutes in Indiana behind the deepest team in the league. He could be a real role player in Minnesota, though, and presents enough athleticism to be an exciting two-way wing prospect. Plus, with the departure of Shved, Lorenzo Brown would get some minutes as a ball handler, but won’t be relied on to help the team too much.
    I see this potential trade making both teams better, increasing the development potential of Johnson and Brown in Minnesota and letting Shved sit on the bench and learn how to play in the NBA from players like Paul George and David West. Does anybody else love this trade as much as I do?

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