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Shabazz Muhammad sent home from Rookie Transition Program for being a ladies man

Photo credit: Jeremy Rincon, @jermcon
Photo credit: Jeremy Rincon, @jermcon

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Shabazz Muhammad has been sent home from the Rookie Transition Program for violating the policy of not bringing any women back to your room during the four-day program. The rookie program has been around since 1986, created by the NBA and NBPA to help incoming rookies learn about everything from character to portraying a positive image of yourself to financial responsibility to learning how to keep leaches out of your inner circle, life, and bank account.

It’s something rookies need to experience without distraction and one of the rules to help prevent distraction is to keep potential hook-ups out of the picture during the event. Unfortunately for Shabazz Muhammad, he’ll have to repeat it next year because he was sent home after he brought a female guest into his hotel room on Tuesday. From Jeff Zillgitt at USA Today

Minnesota Timberwolves rookie guard Shabazz Muhammad was sent home from the NBA’s Rookie Transition Program for violating of a rule and bringing a female guest into his hotel room Tuesday evening, a person familiar with situation told USA TODAY Sports.

The person requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the situation.

Muhammad, who also will be fined, was in Florham Park, N.J. for the four-day program which helps rookies transition into the league through a series of seminars, instructions and guest speakers.

This is undeniably stupid. Shabazz should have been able to keep it in his pants, assuming that was the reason for bringing the girl back to his hotel room, for less than a week while he’s learning valuable information that could benefit him and his professional career. Is it a big deal in the grand scheme of things? I would assume it won’t be, although you never know if this shows just a 20-year old taking advantage of his fame with a sexual encounter or if it’s a sign that he can’t follow basic rules for even a small amount of time.

It may look like a dumb rule to some people, but it’s in place to get these guys soaking in and processing the information that the league and the union have compiled to help keep them from being another fallen star athlete (I mean this in relation to the rest of the world’s population) who wasn’t able to manage his money, show proper character, or keep himself from letting bad influences into his life. It’s a job requirement, even if that job is professional athlete, and Shabazz should be able to follow that requirement.

That’s not going to stop me from making dumb jokes on Twitter though.

Muhammad will be forced to repeat the program next summer when the 2014 draft class participates in the Rookie Transition Program, which should shame him in some way. He will also be fined for breaking the rules.

Maybe you’ll remember back in 2008 when Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur were sent home from the RTP for having women in their hotel room. They were each fined $20,000 for the incident and at the time their room was searched for marijuana and paraphernalia after the room smelled like smoked drugs (that’s what the kids are calling it these days, right?). You may also remember that Michael Beasley (SUPERCOOLBEAS) was involved in the incident. He wasn’t sent home from the program because they didn’t know he was directly involved when initially investigated.

But it’s believed that Pat Riley made him confess to his involvement in the incident and not cooperating with the investigation, which caused him to receive a $50,000 fine later on.


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0 thoughts on “Shabazz Muhammad sent home from Rookie Transition Program for being a ladies man

  1. That tweet was PURE GOLD, but all jokes aside this definitely shows a lack of maturity and ability to follow directions. I don’t think we need to overreact but it’s somewhat concerning that Bazz is already getting into trouble. As long he takes ownership of the mistake and learns from it everything will be kosher.

  2. Sounds like a fun night of celebrating their initiation into the league. Shoulda done it outside the hotel of course

  3. I just read somewhere that he will not have to repeat the program because they found the 160lb girl was actually corey brewer.

  4. I know this incident shouldn’t mean much but it doesn’t really help his “selfish” image that he’s trying to shake. I know the kid is 20 and all but if you can’t keep it in your pants for 4 days you may have an issue. I hope he can keep his head up to pay attention after averaging 6 ppg and 1 apg this season (my projections).

  5. I’m curious as to what your projections for minutes per game, shooting percentages, usage rate, etc. are just so I know if these averages you’re showing here are good or bad.

  6. I don’t care how old you are, follow the rules. I wonder if Rick will let him join the team in road trips or have his own room after this now that Bazzie’s priorities have become national news. After all the pre-draft talk of “is he ready for the NBA” this is pretty hilarious! I just can’t wait for it to come out that it was his mom who just came to drop off some fresh baked cookies or something…

  7. It’s more “armchair” projections than anything but with Coach Adelman’s propensity to move rookies along slowly (putting it lightly) I can’t see him getting more than 15-20 minutes and not doing much his first year. If I were to venture a guess I’d say he will shoot 35% only because he will have to adjust his game to find a shot at a higher level. I guess he fits the mold of the “getting by on ability” type and I don’t have a lot of faith in those types of guys until they get their act together. I really hope I’m wrong about the guy and he can be coached quickly but him blatantly disregarding a simple (albeit stupid) rule doesn’t give off the best impression. I think he will be given an okay amount of opportunities for scoring but Martin, Love and Pek will be more efficient imo…and that hurts me to say because I’m not the biggest Martin fan. I really hope Muhammad surprises me.

  8. I was not a fan of the Wolves getting Bazz from the beginning. This incident alone isn’t concerning, but when put into the context of his perceived personality, it concerns me. Does he think the rule didn’t apply to him because he’s Shabazz effing Muhammed? Does he lack foresight? Was it just an isolated incident that shouldn’t raise flags? I hope it’s the latter, but honestly I think Bazz will turn out to be a mistake, and Trey Burke would have been better to have, even just as a trade chip. I really see Bazz being a repeat of Beas, but it would be awesome if I was wrong.

  9. A few years ago, my wife’s cousin came home with a guy and announced they were engaged to be married. We all live in Japan, and I went out drinking with the guy, where he told me that his hobby was gambling at illegal card casinos in Osaka, which normally one considers TMI for someone you met two hours previously. Otherwise he seemed like a decent enough guy.

    I guess I feel the same way about Muhammad getting booted out of rookie camp the same way I felt about learning about this guy’s weird hobby. It doesn’t make him a terrible person or unsuited for what he does, but it does kind of say something that in an environment where presumably one wants to make a good impression, he did something different. And while we can certainly defend the thing as not being so bad, it certainly doesn’t indicate anything particularly good particularly in light of the larger circumstances (Muhammad has attitude/maturity issues, the fiancee was not employed at the time).

  10. From where I sit it’s not even a stupid rule. One of the messages of this program is that The Wrong Booty Can Be Expensive. Trying to feed your Booty thirst when you should be learning how not to get played by Booty is extremely stupid. If he doesn’t have respect for the rules of this program that is mostly provided for his benefit, is he going to respect the rules of the Wolves team defense? Discipline is at least as important as SM’s “motor” we keep hearing about.

  11. what a bunch of crap, I hated the selection of Shabaaz, but even at my advanced age I remember 20, and so what. The kid brought some gal to the hotel with him. He is the one who will need to redo the program next year, and he found out that they meant it when they said no girls in the hotel room. I’ll take a dude trying to get laid over a dude trying to smoke a joint any day. Does this mean he can’t follow rules? no more than if he didn’t run into this issue that it would have meant he would have been the consummate team player (the adjective not the verb lol). Some of you girls need to quit pretending you’re oh so perfect in your everyday lives.

  12. Just a reminder that we preach being respectful in the comments here. Doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with each other, but name-calling and misogyny is unlikely to be tolerated. Thanks, everybody.

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