2013-14 Season, Rick Adelman

Glen Taylor confirms Rick Adelman will return for this season


As many of us have expected throughout this waiting period regarding Rick Adelman’s coaching status for the 2013-14 season, no news was good news. The Wolves were never going to hold a press conference to announce that Adelman would commit to coaching the Wolves this coming season, instead of deciding to leave the sidelines in order to take care of his wife. That’s just not Rick’s style by any means. Any plans of a return were going to be played down, fit into an article here or there.

Flip Saunders has expected all along for Adelman to return to coaching the team this year. With just a couple weeks until training camp, that expectation looks to be confirmed. From an article by Sid Hartman on the Star Tribune, Glen Taylor let it be known that Adelman is indeed coming back after he brought his coaching staff out to Portland to discuss the coming season.

There never has been much doubt about Rick Adelman returning as Timberwolves coach, but it wasn’t for sure until he brought his coaching staff out to his home in Portland, Ore., last week and laid out the plans for this season.

Wolves owner Glen Taylor confirmed Adelman’s return Sunday. “Yes, he did [say he’s coming back],” Taylor said.

I’m a big fan of Adelman as a coach and a supported of his, so I’m pretty happy about this bit of news. I’m sure you are, as well. But more importantly, this means that his wife is healthy enough for him to continue. She had been battling seizures and while I don’t believe it’s known whether or not she’s going to have to deal with this any further, it’s clearly not a dire enough situation that would preclude Adelman from returning to his duties as head coach.

I’m sure we’ll be in another “wait and see” approach as the season goes on and we head into the final year of his contract for 2014-15. As for now, it’s good to know that a man who has amassed over 1,000 career wins and the utmost respect of every coach around the league will be back on the sidelines. It’s even better to know that his family appears to be in good health.

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