2013-14 Season

The Desolation of Smog

Mexico City Smog

Okay, it wasn’t actually the infamous smog of Mexico City creeping into the arena on Wednesday night – a faulty generator outside the building pumped smoke inside, causing an evacuation at around 7:30 PM. The Wolves and Spurs, set to play the first regular season game in Mexico since 1997, packed up and left the arena around an hour later, the game postponed to a later date.

It’s a strange and unfortunate event for the NBA, from a public relations perspective. Outgoing commissioner David Stern has made the international growth of the game a top priority throughout his tenure, and to have the first of this season’s two Global Games (the other is January 15th in London between the Hawks and Nets) smoked out (I’m terrible) must be a frustrating experience for all involved. Thankfully, there are no reports of injuries – but the fact that the Spurs and Wolves traveled all the way down to Mexico City, without the payoff of the game itself, must be a major disappointment for everyone who worked on the promotion and logistics of the event.

If there’s a silver lining in this, it’s that Minnesota will now get to face San Antonio on its home floor in the make-up game. Rick Adelman was vocal about his frustration that the Wolves had to sacrifice a home game, much less one against the defending conference champions, and now he will get to welcome San Antonio to Target Center. Perhaps that’s a callous way to look at things – plenty of fans in Mexico City were deprived of live, NBA action, which is disappointing – but in reality, this probably works in the Timberwolves’ favor.

And perhaps most tragically, you all were going to get such a good recap from me, complete with random Spanish phrases, sombreros photoshopped onto players heads during highlight reels, and a few misguided jokes pertaining to a relatively serious international security situation. But the game was cancelled, so we all miss out. The Wolves resume play on Saturday against the Miami… Heat.

And I’m going to stop this before I force a Heat-smoke joke that gets me fired.

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9 thoughts on “The Desolation of Smog

  1. I could not be happier about this. It is one thing to move one of the home games to Mexico City, but why not make the other team one that is equally as far away, like Toronto or Indiana. Making the “Away” team San Antonio was a joke.

  2. The worst part: it was the only Wolves home game vs. the Spurs this season. That’s insane to me, giving a Texas team both true home games in a 3-game season series and sticking the other one in Mexico.

  3. Can we have a crazy trade ideas day?

    here’s is my latest obsession with the NBA Trade Machine.

    It looks to me as though Boston has not only some nice bench pieces but a healthy trade exception that let’s us look at nearly their entire roster and dream about how some of those pieces would fit into our anemic bench.

    Jordan Crawford
    Courtney Lee

    are a couple of guys we could probably have for real cheap We could have them both saving Boston a ton of cap and getting Lee off of their books for the next 3 years for nothing more than JJ Barea who is still a good trade chip for them. using Boston’s Pierce trade exception.

    How about a straight up swap with Brooklyn for Mirza Teletovic and Shved?

    Bored at work looking forward to seeing the Wolves after they have had some time away. Sad new about Love’s Grandmother.

  4. their reasoning was Shved has upside. I think if we were building a wall he may come in handy as a master brick layer. So possibly the Buck’s are looking into some construction projects and are looking for a hand.

  5. One of you guys should write a article about how Pekovich gets the least fouls calls in the NBA. The contrast between him and Kevin Martin is hilarious.

  6. I am pretty worried about this Wolves club. They have a couple of big time scorers in Martin and Love. But niether Kevin shoots at a 45% clip. Combine that with Rubio’s 36% and you are not going to out-score many teams in the NBA.

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