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February was the Month of (Kevin) Love



The Minnesota Timberwolves passed out this awesome infographic Monday morning on how ridiculous of a month Kevin Love had for this team. Considering much of that was down two starters, Love saw much more attention from the defense and still managed to pour in some historic numbers while keeping the Wolves as competitive as he could. 

He’ll be up for Western Conference Player of the Month honors, which will be announced Wednesday night. If he wins, he’ll be the second player in franchise history to win the award. Kevin Garnett won nine times when he was with the Wolves.

Love’s biggest competition for February’s honors is definitely Kevin Durant. It should be a two-player race between Love and Durant, although Blake Griffin had a really incredible month as well. Love led the NBA in scoring at 34.0 points with Durant right behind him at 33.4 per game. Love nearly doubled Durant’s rebounding with a 14.1 to 7.7 advantage but Durant nearly doubled Love’s assist average with a 7.2 to 4.0 advantage. Love had shooting splits of 48.7/41.5/84.8 on FG/3FG/FT. Durant’s splits were 49.4/32.9/85.1. Love’s Wolves went just 5-6 with Durant’s Thunder going 6-5.

Wolves are still within shouting distance of a playoff run thanks to Love’s incredible play in February. Whether he makes it or not and whether he wins the award or not, it’s been pretty special to watch him play the past month.

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  1. It has been a tremendous month for Kevin Love. Which is, of course, why all the east & west coast sportswriters are insisting the Wolves “must” trade him, preferably to their local team for 30 cents on the dollar.

  2. Hopefully Pek can stay healthy and getting Martin back is a huge plus. Glad to not see Shved on the floor.

    Big two week stretch in front of us and then some huge games against the teams we’re chasing (the Wolves not me I’m not actually on the team 🙂 ). Meaningful basketball in March not related to ping pong balls. Nice change of pace for many of us long time fans.

    The team is playing well, it’s all a matter of focus and energy. Maintain those two key elements and we have a real shot of playing meaningful basketball in April.

  3. It’s kinda sad that the National Media won’t give Love his due for his performances. They tend to blame the Wolves record or Loves defensive deficiencies or whatever else they can think of. In his recent podcast with Zack Lowe, Bill Simmons hears Zack Lowe mention Love as an MVP candidate (after LeBron and KD of course) and immediately rejects it. He says Love doesn’t deserve it because he is a DH (as in he plays no defense) and only two way players should be considered. Later he somehow mentions Dirk, Griffin and Aldridge for that spot. *SMH*

    The Clippers, Mavericks and Trailblazers have a worse defensive rating than the Timberwolves and last time I checked, Love gets more defensive rebounds than anybody else in the league…

  4. Brilliant comment dattebayo, couldn’t of said it better myself. I hate how Love never gets the respect he’s due by all the so-called ‘experts’. In my opinion he’s a dark horse candidate for MVP!!!!! 🙂

  5. It’s good to see the Wolves promote Love. They poured energy into the All Star game for him and now seem to be doing the same for February’s player of the month. Kahn never gave Love the attention a star like that deserves.The numbers he puts up make him the 3rd best player in the league and the Wolves have him. If he is going to stay it starts with the front office letting him know how much they value having him here. With being able to offer the Max, and the team being a couple of players from being a contender in the west, I don’t see how he leaves. There are not too many other teams that are as in good a shape as the Wolves are and can still afford to pay him the money he is worth.

  6. It’s just good to enjoy his work while he’s here. It fascinates me that there’s a notable difference of opinion between national and local media (except for the local media who believe the national media), but it’s not clear what that means yet, if anything. That he’s become this type of player shouldn’t be underestimated, considering how he was written off by some after his first preseason game and that “Love or Mayo?” was an actual debate well into his second season.

  7. @gjk…I personally believe it is all propaganda (in regards to the national media). They seem to all want Love and they “make up” stories. The whole “where there’s smoke there’s fire” idiom doesn’t really apply sometimes since a lot of “writers” online don’t really use the old integrity adage of getting 3 sources before print. I honestly think it’s a 50/50 proposition for Love and I don’t blame him one bit. His quote regarding the state of the Lakers vs the state of the Wolves makes me think that way. Hopefully we are competitive enough for him to stay.

  8. I think it’s possible they’ll end up wrong, but there’s probably something there that may just be exaggerated. It’s weird that little mention is made of Rondo in Boston, when that seems much more volatile. Reading between the lines on the Twitter feeds of the writers of this site, I get the sense that they either are sick of responding about it or know something they don’t want to write about. Either way, the longer he’s here, the better. When he goes, they’ll be taking several steps back (or at least a few, if they’re lucky enough to get a top-5 pick in this year’s draft for him).

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