2014 Offseason

Alexey Shved changed his face…

Ricky Rubio once implored Alexey Shved to change his face and be happy. I’m not sure he had this in mind.

I’ve been pretty hard on Shved over the last year because he immediately began struggling once the rest of the league apparently got a basic scouting report on the Russian guard (as it was explained to me by a couple of different scouts). Developing a better attitude and refining the skills that got him to the NBA level are what we should be hoping for as he enters his third NBA season.

I’m not sure becoming a Narnia villain accomplishes that, but let’s see how the bold strategy pays off for him, Cotton!

It’s worked in the past for NBA players:




Well, not ALL NBA players…


Share this because Rubio would pass this along:

7 thoughts on “Alexey Shved changed his face…

  1. I like the fur boa more than I like the hair. Is there a way to integrate that into his jersey? Maybe with some faux timberwolf fur?

  2. Please tell me there was a clock on the end of that long chain. I would like to think he’s going for a “Lost Boys” look mixed with Flavor Flav

  3. If you have an Instagram account, follow him immediately. He had several pics that were similar to this. He’d be my favorite Wolves player if he wasn’t such a combination of unfocused and soft on the court.

  4. Dirk sure bore a striking resemblance to Brienne of Tarth back in 1998.

    In fairness to Alexey Shved, his look is entirely consistent with what the average American would expect a rich young Russian named “Alexey Shved” to look like, so it is nice of him to live up to our expectations based on vaguely articulated stereotypes.

  5. Now we know what a basketball-playing love child of Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) and JC Chase (N’Sync) would look like!

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