2014 NBA Draft

Wolves select Glenn Robinson III at 40th overall, sell 44th and 53rd picks


With the 40th pick in the NBA Draft, the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Glenn Robinson III, a small forward from the University of Michigan.

Robinson averaged 13.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.2 assists on 49/31/76 shooting splits in 32.7 minutes per game for the Wolverines in 2013-14. He turns 21 in January, stands 6’7 with a 6’10 wingspan, a 42 inch max vertical and weights 211 pounds. He possesses good size and athleticism for an NBA small forward, but must answer questions about shot creation and focus on the defensive end in order to be contributor at the next level.

He got lost in the shuffle, somewhat, playing for such a loaded program during his two seasons in Ann Arbor. All in all, it seems like a pretty good value where the Wolves got him; DraftExpress, for instance, had him pegged somewhere in the late 20s.

Anyway, here’s a fun video of him dunking:

In other news, the Wolves sold the 44th pick to the Brooklyn Nets for a reported $1 million, and they in turn selected Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown. Then, Minnesota sent the 53rd pick to the Houston Rockets for undisclosed cash considerations. Daryl Morey took Italian shooting guard Alessandro Gentile from Milano.

In summary, the Wolves used their second round picks to draft a guy who’ll have a fighting chance to crack the roster (Glenn Robinson III) and profit marginally by selling them off (44, 53) rather than grabbing prospects to stash abroad. Ideally, I would’ve preferred one of the second-rounders to be kept in-house, but don’t feel strongly enough about any of the ones available to get worked up over it.

And with that, the Minnesota Timberwolves 2014 draft has concluded.

Reaction / analysis to come over the next few days.

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12 thoughts on “Wolves select Glenn Robinson III at 40th overall, sell 44th and 53rd picks

  1. I think Little Big Dog is a steal at #40. Will he contribute right away? Maybe not but he definitely has a chance to get some PT.

  2. This flashback to 2011 is what haunts me when the wolves trade second round picks for cash…

    June 24, 2011
    MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Timberwolves were awfully busy on draft night. So busy, in fact, that it took the NBA until Friday afternoon to approve all the wheeling and dealing that was done by president of basketball operations David Kahn.
    The deals that were officially announced:
    -The Wolves traded point guard Jonny Flynn, a future second-round pick and the 20th pick – Donatas Motiejunas – to Houston for center Brad Miller, the draft rights to No. 23 pick Nikola Mirotic and No. 38 Chandler Parsons and a future first-round pick.
    -Traded Mirotic to the Chicago Bulls for the draft rights to No. 28 Norris Cole and No. 43 Malcolm Lee and cash.
    -Traded Cole to the Miami Heat for No. 31 Bojan Bogdanovic, a future second-round pick and cash.
    -Traded Bogdanovic to New Jersey for a future second-round pick and cash.
    -Traded Parsons back to Houston for cash.

    What, you say, you don’t remember that the players Kahn ended up selling to pay Rambis’s buyout included Chandler Parsons and Nikola Mirotic?

  3. I wonder who has sold the most draft picks during the past decade or so? The Wolves have got to be on top of that hypothetical list.

  4. Glenn Robinson III was a good value at #40, but not what I was expecting. I was hoping they’d either trade up in the 2nd to take Cleanthony Early when he dropped into the 2nd round or take Nick Johnson at #40 and Russ Smith or Semaj Christon at #44. But not complaining. Getting $1 million straight up for Markel Brown who probably will never crack an NBA roster sounds like a sound business move to me.

  5. Also, does the Wolves coming away with LaVine and GR3 signal that Flip is committed to rebuilding a run-and-gun team around Rubio?

  6. Big Pup? Little Big Dog? Smaller Big Dog? Not-Quite Big Dog? Big Dog Lite? I don’t know what lame nickname to call this guy.

  7. Now the 2nd round, that was textbook Country Club. Decent Big 10 player? Check. Sell picks for cash? Done and done. I was really hoping for a package to move up for McDaniels, but I suppose Milwaukee didn’t want to drop that far and Philly already had plenty of 2nd rounders.

  8. Do any teams with long term success regularly sell picks? All this does is eliminate the chance the selling team finds a gem.

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