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Ricky Rubio's Top 10 plays of 2013-14

To the sad internet troll that will eventually try to chime in:

Yes, Ricky Rubio is a bad shooter.

Yes, Ricky Rubio is a bad finisher around the basket.

Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves haven’t made the playoffs in a decade.

Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves aren’t going to make the playoffs this coming season.

Yes, the acquisition of the young players they have is currently more flash than substance.

Yes, the Minnesota Timberwolves have never made the Finals nor have they won a championship.

We’re still going to have fun watching this team and Rubio is a big part of that. It’s all passes, but that’s what he does and he does it about as well as anybody in the NBA. Excited to watch him make these passes to young guys running the floor, cutting to the basket, and bringing the spectacular on their dunks.

Opening night is 63 days away.

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5 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio's Top 10 plays of 2013-14

  1. Can we add:

    Yes Rubio led the league in steals

    Yes Thad Young was third

    Yes there is going to be some damn fun basketball played in MN… (oh wait you said that)

    I am stoked, let’s get this season going!!

  2. amazeballs. but: can you fine (and rather cautious) gentleman @awaw now finally embrace the very appropriate enthusiasm now? I just watched a highlight reel of BEATUTIFUL passes – which resulted in layups. hence: next season is officially going to be insane.
    this has to be the best superstar-trade-scenario of all time: an entire franchise actually managed to come out of this trade more excited than it had been in any season with said superstar. the best case scenario in the last 6 years had been “vaguely optimistic”, but now we’re experiencing full-on buzzmode, sprinkled with curiosity.
    how this entire post by Zach doesn’t contain a single exclamation mark I cannot understand. can we please freak out now all together? I expect Zach’s next post to be the AMAZING!!!! clip from Archer to make up for this.
    PS AWAW is the best thing since The Basketball Jones (RIP)

  3. Is the word out to the new guys yet? Have they been told? Are they aware?

    At any time in any spot if you are even remotely open look for the ball.

    If you do not have the ball cut to the basket and expect the ball.

    If you have the ball but do not have a shot give the ball back to Rubio and he will get you the ball in a better spot.

  4. Getting a Synergy offseason account was worth it just to watch Rubio assists. Pek and Dieng owe him 25% of their checks.

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