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Report: Wolves Shopping Chase Budinger?

chase-budinger-timberwolvesAccording to Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, Flip Saunders and the Timberwolves are in the midst of shopping Chase Budinger. Several teams so far, according to Woj, have made their interest known, including the Houston Rockets and Detroit Pistons.

According to a more recent report from Darren Wolfson, it looks as though the Indiana Pacers may also be interested in the small forward. Maybe they still think about this:

It’s hard to say what the Wolves would be trying to do here. On one hand, they could be simply trying to dump a roster spot to make room for both JJ Barea (who, reportedly, had a very good training camp) and second round pick Glen Robinson III. Or maybe they’re looking to add the defensive-minded power forward they’re currently lacking. It’s hard to say.

It’s also important to remember: just because Flip goes shopping doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to buy anything. If the market isn’t great for Budinger (which is a very real possibility), it may be in the Wolves’ best interest to just hold onto him.According to Budinger at media day, he’s as healthy as he’s been since his first injury. From the limited amount of exposure I’ve seen from him, he’s looked more confident on the floor, and his jumper is still there.

Maybe he’ll get traded, maybe he won’t. It’s a cop-out take, but it seems as though both possibilities are very real here.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Wolves Shopping Chase Budinger?

  1. I liked the idea of Chase, but one has to admit that, due to injuries, he hasn’t produced as billed. Furthermore, there isn’t really a place for him in the rotation given that Wiggins, Brewer, and Martin ought to eat up 28-32mins/night each on the wings and that Saunders would love to squeak in any leftover minutes to develop LaVine and Robinson. $5mil is a pretty chunk of change to hold on the books for someone you don’t have minutes for.

  2. I agree Skunedog. Even though it’s nice to have as much shooting wings as possible on this team, that salary, along with the injury concerns, is enough to bite and bite hard at any offer to ship him out. Plus, the Wolves have enough versatility to create a bunch of different lineups to hide their lack of shooting, so hopefully it’s out you go Chase. Also, I remembered he got injured right after that game where he hit that shot and that’s where it went downhill for him.

  3. It depends on the deal. If it’s similar to the rumored Memphis deal where they would’ve had to take on more years and $, that’s not worth it. But if someone’s actually willing to get them to 15 players (either with a cuttable player/trade exception or a 2-for-1 with Barea) and an unprotected 2nd rounder, it’s worth getting rid of his contract given his history.

  4. I would rather have Chase than JJ Chase could play a bit at the 4 if needed JJ is one dimensional and redundant. It doesn’t make sense unless it is just to get out of the remainder of that contract.

    having both JJ and Chase off the books next year would be nice.

  5. I would rather we keep Chase and trade Brewer for 2 reasons.

    1. What Brewer does, defense and transition offense, Wiggins can do right now and probably better in the near future.
    2. When Martin misses games (and he will), Budinger can provide outside shooting than Minnesota lacks plus he can provide defense that is not an complete albatross.

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