Wolves trade Corey Brewer to Rockets for Troy Daniels, picks


Reports surfaced about a week ago that the Houston Rockets were determined to use their $8.4 million trade exception by December 19th. When they struck out on Rajon Rondo, they turned their attention elsewhere, which apparently meant Corey Brewer.

Adrian Wojnarowski was the first to confirm what Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN and Jonathon Feigen of the Houston Chronicle have been discussing for days: the Minnesota Timberwolves have sent Corey Brewer to Houston in exchange for shooting guard Troy Daniels and a pair of second round picks.

Brewer, who turns 29 in March, is in the second season of a two year deal (with a player option for 2015-16) he signed to return to Minnesota, the team that originally drafted him back in 2007. Since Ricky Rubio went down with an ankle injury, he’s been filling in at backup point guard, in addition to his role on the wing. Brewer averaged 10.5 points, 3.9 rebounds, 3.3 assists and a league-leading 2.3 steals per game during his 24 games with the Timberwolves this season.

He probably functions best as a role player coming off the bench for a playoff team, something he was during the two seasons he spent in Denver prior to coming back to Minnesota. It’s an exciting opportunity for him to play for a winner, and while his energetic and often exciting (if a little out of control) play made him a crowd favorite in the Twin Cities, this is the kind of deal rebuilding teams often make.

Troy Daniels is an interesting prospect and a very intriguing fit for Flip Saunders to acquire. In 183 career minutes split over 22 games in Houston, he attempted 78 shots, 68 of them three pointers. That works out to 13.4 attempts per-36 minutes, an absolutely absurd rate. This past summer, the excellent Scott Rafferty wrote a very detailed breakdown of Daniels’ exploits in the D-League which is worth a close look.

As of 2:15 PM, the exact picks that will be included in the transaction are still being hashed out, though it’s been mentioned that the Kings’ 2015 second-rounder (protected between picks 50 and 60, making it likely to transfer) and another future Rockets’ pick are possibilities. The other result of this deal is that the Wolves will have a roster spot to sign Jeff Adrien for the remainder of the season, if they so choose.

Considering the Wolves’ current status, this was a good deal to make. Brewer did an admirable job keeping things as respectable as he could with Rubio out, but with the point guard’s return on the horizon and a contending team with assets motivated to make a deal, it was prudent of Flip and the rest of the front office to strike while the iron was hot.


The trade was expanded to include the 76ers and the final breakdown is as follows:

Wolves get: G Troy Daniels, Kings’ 2015 2nd round pick (protected for picks 50-60), Rockets’ 2016 2nd round pick (protections unclear)

Sixers get: C Ronny Turiaf, Rockets’ 2015 2nd round pick, draft rights to Serhiy Lishchuk

Rockets get G/F Corey Brewer, G Alexey Shved



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4 thoughts on “Wolves trade Corey Brewer to Rockets for Troy Daniels, picks

  1. To be honest, I was hoping they’d have a roster spot for someone after this trade to get a PG and/or that they’d get the Knicks’ 2015 2nd rounder from Houston (though the Kings’ one is decent), but they get to try out a young 3-point specialist until 2016 and see if he fits in. It sounds like he’s the type of shooter who they could run off screens and isn’t just a spot-up guy. Though William’s tweet about this was right (they don’t shoot 3s because they lack shooters), it still bugs me that Flip has them run if they miss 3s. I really don’t want to see Daniels taking a step inside the line. It should be interesting to see if he bypasses Budinger in the rotation. If nothing else, we might get to see a few crazy shooting displays to distract from all these losses.

  2. Logic would have it that this would make me upset. For one, I like Brewer—he works hard, does interesting stuff on the court and has a big personality. And we didn’t get much in return. It’s mostly a salary dump, which doesn’t inspire fans much, even it if is a wise move. On top of that, Brewer was one of the few healthy veterans on this team and it was commendable to see him fill in everywhere needed, even at point.

    But I’m not upset. It was time for him to go. I like Brewer and I want to keep it that way. He was irritating me with wild, out of control play, frankly presenting a pretty bad example for the young guys. I’m a man who loves his steals, but I felt no pride in Brewer’s league lead because he’s taking so many risks to get them that he breaks even at best. His shooting has somehow gotten even worse–and it was always a problem for him. The Wolves need shooting, they need good offense–more than they need Corey Brewer style defense. Our D had been cringe inducing, but much of it will fall into place when we play more in sync and better offense. Last, and maybe most important, Brewer is wildly inconsistent on a team that has been struggling to consistently win ‘winable’ games for years. Corey once scored 51 points in a game for us. But you don’t know what to expect–4 points, 10, 20, 30. Usually lower end… he never added to his offensive game in a way that would allow a team to count on a number from him. He’s mostly a transition player and has had many poster dunks, yet misses lay-up just as often. More alarming, his decision making looks to have taken a step back. He seems to take a big gamble for a steal, drive in transition instead of pulling back or passing, and shoot threes at the worst times so much this season. Defense is his calling card, and yet we can’t even be sure he’ll be a plus defender on any given night. In many ways he plays like a much younger, less polished player than he actually is.

    I like Corey. I’m happy to see him go, because I’m sick of being mad at him, down on him. He offers too much and it too likeable for that. He’s going to his natural setting—a good team where he will bring energy and D off the bench an be surrounded by other guys who can hit 3’s. Good luck Corey!

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