2015 Offseason

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back!


POTENTIALLY ANNOYING UPDATE: There may be issues on mobile where it kicks you back to the main page. We’ll look into this and see if we can’t fix it if it still persists.

Hey trusty readers, perhaps you’ve been coming to this website over the past week or so and wondered where all of the words and pictures and musings about the Minnesota Timberwolves went?

We had a bit of a problem. Darko Milicic stopped by and spilled some beer on our servers when trying to quench the thirst of his tattoos. I’ll be damned if the whole system didn’t shut down completely. Then we lost a bunch of our posts and had to reload them into our site. Luckily, everything is fixed and we’ve given it a brief makeover that is still in progress. We tried to talk Darko into letting us fix up the tattoos but he got mad and stormed out of the room whilst hitting his head on the door frame in the process. Classic Darko.

But we’re officially back and ready to continue our Roster Review, which was in progress. We’re hitting you with a doozy to get the people back in the swing of things as we finish up reviewing the Wolves from this past season and get ready for the No. 1 pick in the draft (plenty of draft coverage coming your way too). That’s right; you’re getting hit with the Robbie Hummel Roster Review on Saturday, so look forward to that.

Thanks for your patience, your questions on what happened, and your continued support of AWAW.

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