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Kevin Garnett reportedly re-signs with Timberwolves

635605005477605343-USATSI-8405189-1-Referred to as a “mere formality”, 1500 ESPN’s Darren Wolfson has reported Kevin Garnett will be returning to the Timberwolves next season. The Wolves’ all-time leader in… well… everything had been expected to sign for most of the summer.

While there is no dollar amount being announced yet, the deal is reportedly spanned over two years, both years being guaranteed.

The 2015-16 season will be Garnett’s 21st in the league, as he holds onto his reign as the league’s longest-tenured player. While he’s obviously nowhere near the player he was his first time around, his use on the Wolves will still be valuable.

Between mentoring Karl-Anthony Towns (seriously, how cool is that first photo of the two of them going to be????), the rest of the Wolves’ young big man core, and the rest of the team (especially defensively), there is still a lot Kevin Garnett can contribute to a team as a player.

For those asking “Why two years?”, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee KG will be back in 2016-17, but it does make it possible. When KG was re-introduced to the Timberwolves in February, he had mentioned player “1 or 2 years”. This may just allow Garnett to avoid another contract negotiation in a year if he chooses to come back.

But hey, it’s the offseason, when looking at highlight videos are the only alternative to Summer League. So, let’s get nostalgic and look at a highlight video.

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4 thoughts on “Kevin Garnett reportedly re-signs with Timberwolves

  1. Man that video makes me think of three things

    Dammit Marbury!! You should have stayed dude.
    Dammit McHale!! All those years we couldn’t build a team around that dude?
    Man I miss Trent Tucker doing games..

  2. It’d be a good way for Garnett to close out his career with his last season being in a Wolves uniform.

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