2015 Summer League

Timberwolves Announce 2015 Summer League Roster


In less than a week, new Minnesota Timberwolves draftees Karl-Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones will don Wolves jerseys for the first time in the opening weekend of the Las Vegas Summer League.

Today, the Timberwolves announced who would be joining them on the trip. Some faces on last year’s roster are listed, including Zach LaVine, Adreian Payne and Lorenzo Brown.

Some old friends to the Timberwolves, especially in regards to Summer League, are back on the roster. Othyus Jeffers, who played a pair of regular season games with the Wolves in 2013-14, played for the Wolves’ SL squad that summer prior. Sharpshooter Brady Heslip is also back after a strong summer league/training camp showing with the Wolves a year ago.

Here’s the full rundown of the roster, which will be coached by Wolves assistant Ryan Saunders:

CJPW6f0UcAAZEz-Anthony Bennett was a name that might have made sense, but he is expected to compete in this summer’s Pan-American games in Toronto this summer, taking up the large majority of his offseason competition. Names like Andrew Wiggins, Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng were also mentioned, but it was ultimately decided to keep them off the team this summer.

Per Timberwolves PR:


Date Opponent Location Tip (CT)
July 10 Los Angeles Lakers Thomas & Mack Center 7:30 p.m.
July 11 Chicago Bulls Thomas & Mack Center 5:30 p.m.
July 13 Utah Jazz Thomas & Mack Center 9:30 p.m.

* Following the preliminary round, the Wolves will participate in a tournament which starts on July 15 and concludes with the Championship Game on July 20. Each team is guaranteed at least two games in the tournament for a total of at least five games.

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9 thoughts on “Timberwolves Announce 2015 Summer League Roster

  1. With 14 spots already locked up for this coming season I can’t imagine much will be made of this roster other than playing time for the rookies…which can still be valuable. Hopefully Saunders can get a feel for KAT and Jones’ handle and start working his magic.

  2. I think it’s full unless we can unload someone (sadly probably Bennett, wish it could be Budinger)

    1 Rubio/Tyus/Lavine
    2 Martin/LaVine/Shabazz
    3 Wiggins/Shabazz/BJ
    4 KG/Towns/Payne/BJ
    5 Dieng/Towns/Pek

    Bench: Budinger, Hummel, Bennett. The bench needs another combo guard or maybe even a C I am not sure why we let Hamilton go with Pek in doubt. I say sadly regarding Bennett I hate losing him just to keep Hummel on the roster as you can see above we don’t really need either Budinger or Hummel and Bennett might still have some upside. I for sure would like to see him this summer for team Canada and through training camp before pulling the plug.

    1. I see from the latest post regarding BJ the Wolves have rescinded their qualifying offer for Hummel. Now I like Robbie but at this point he is what he is, and he will not find it difficult to land with another team but I am glad that he’s not just one more forward on a team chock full of them. And as Ugly said above, it does give us an open roster spot.

  3. farnorth~ Who is BJ? Here’s who I count:

    Guards: Rubio, LaVine, Jones,
    Wings: Wiggins, Martin, Shabazz, Budinger, Hummel
    Posts: KG, Towns, Pek, Dieng, Payne, (Bennett)

    With all signs pointing to us off-loading Bennett, we essentially have only two roster spots to fill (with maybe one of them being filled by whoever we move Bennett for). It would seem to make the most sense to go out and try to make a “Mo Williams”-esque veteran signing to give the guards a mentor. But in lieu of that, I’d be okay if some combo of Brady Heslip/Othyus Jeffers/Lorenzo Brown getting the last spot.

  4. It would be awesome if we could send Bud and Bennett to the Cavs for Haywoods non guaranteed contract. Cavs learned the hard way how valuable going 10-12 deep can be in the playoffs.

    I know this won’t happen for many many reasons, I just like the idea.

  5. Looks like a fun roster. I’d hate to lose the known usefulness of Hummel for the ever narrowing chance that Bennett will become that useful. Yes, Bennett’s ceiling is higher, but it’s not likely he’ll reach even the level of Hummel at this point. Sheepishly, I have a belief that Heslip should be on an NBA roster somewhere. It seems worth a try to me. Not much room here though…

  6. Hopefully, these games show something about the outer limits of the roster guys’ games. I’d like to see how much range Jones, Towns, and Payne have on their jumpers and whether LaVine has added new skills.

  7. Any other NBA teams letting the coach’s son manage the summer league entrant? More provincial doofiness from our favorite team. It never stops. Rick Adelman brought TWO sons onto the payroll when he coached here, and they’re both still employed by the Timberwolves. So we have three front office people who are in key positions with the Wolves because of nepotism. If they’re so good, why don’t they go get jobs somewhere else and prove they can do it on merit? The Spurs make history in summer league, forcing all their players to see life in the very much bigger picture, and we’ve got the boss’s son in charge. Jaysus.

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