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Andrew Wiggins is training with Seon Holmes to stick it to the opponent

Photo via David Sherman/Getty Images
Photo via David Sherman/Getty Images

Step 1 for Andrew Wiggins was getting his feet wet in the NBA during his rookie year. It went quite well. He played the second most minutes in the NBA, he played really good defense for the most part, and he became a go-to scorer (albeit for the worst team in the league) while learning to balance the energy between offense and defense. He was rewarded with the Rookie of the Year trophy and deservedly so.

That’s not enough though. That doesn’t deem him a star of the future. Wiggins will have to continue working, getting stronger, and getting more skilled if he’s going to fulfill his duties as the franchise player tasked with getting the Minnesota Timberwolves out of this perpetual lottery hell. This summer, he’s been working with Seon Holmes, a Toronto-based trainer who has worked with some Olympians and Canadian basketball players.

You can check out some of the work Wiggins is doing, which all seemed like stuff I could do until we got past the stretching around the two-minute mark.

Some pretty standard strength-and-conditioning, including what looks like a lot of good core work. What I like from the video is Wiggins doesn’t appear to have put on too much mass. He definitely looks more cut and a little bigger, but he’s not walking in there like a body-builder by any means.

Looks like he’s really training to get stronger and be able to stick it to the defense every night.


It’s nothing earth-shattering, but it killed five minutes in August, right?

(Via CBS Sports)

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2 thoughts on “Andrew Wiggins is training with Seon Holmes to stick it to the opponent

  1. Seriously??? He isn’t even sweating. I really hope he worked harder than this to get to where he is because that was weak sauce yo.

  2. Never realized how much a supremely strong core can do for your game until I had a trainer that really emphasized it. The quickness, balance and inherent strength that comes with a great core applies to every facet of the game. Made an enormous difference for me on the court and just the way I felt and moved in general. Glad to see Wiggins focusing so much on this. I agree with you, Zach on your comment about Wiggins adding mass. He’s very young and putting a bunch of mass on wouldn’t be natural for his body right now.

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