2015 Offseason

Zach LaVine just trying to read as slam dunk incites pandemonium among Kevin Durant, friends

bil-zach-footlockerMaybe you haven’t yet seen it, or maybe you just missed it the first time.

In a new Nike/Foot Locker commercial that debuted Thursday, unveiling some new items of the Kevin Durant collection, Zach LaVine made his first (or, one of his first) appearances in the national commercial spotlight, and nailed it.

In short, a pickup game dunk took place that sent the crowd into a frenzy….all except for Mr. LaVine. See below:

It’s easy to understand his lack of enthusiasm. The man just wanted to read quietly and enjoy his evening. We’ve all been there.

Also, because he can do this:

Share this because Rubio would pass this along:
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