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Professor Big Shots beat Germany with a runner

Nemanja Bjelica wasn’t as dominant in today’s EuroBasket game against Germany as he was in yesterday’s match against Spain. Bjelica finished with 12 points on 4-of-7 from the field, 1-of-3 from 3-point range, and 3-of-4 from the line. He also had three rebounds and three assists.

However, with the game on the line and the score tied at 66, Serbia gave Professor Big Shots the ball and this was answer.


Serbia has the day off tomorrow and will play Iceland on Tuesday at 7:20 am Central Time. WatchESPN replays are up generally about 30 minutes after the completion of the game though.

UPDATE: Bjelica did this to Dirk Nowitzki early in the game.

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1 thought on “Professor Big Shots beat Germany with a runner

  1. Pretty good handles for 6’10”. I’m more than a little pumped to see him come regular season. I’m hoping he can take the majority of the non-KG minutes at the 4 and let the KAT focus on the 5.

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