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Stop it. The Wolves aren’t trading Ricky Rubio.


Sometimes, it feels like Ricky Rubio has been a part of trade rumors since he first got drafted by Minnesota in 2009. There was a break in there, but six years later, rumors are still surrounding the Wolves’ star point guard.

And now more than ever, these rumors should not be taken seriously.

They weren’t trading him before his rookie year, when all the stock was being put into him becoming the next big thing in Minnesota. When he was burdened with the “savior” label.

And they aren’t going to trade him now, when he’s proven to be an integral piece to the Wolves future. He just signed a (good value) contract extension. He’s the team’s outspoken leader. He’s a really, really good point guard on both ends. Not to mention he just came off a season of injury problems, which would lower his value, making a quick trade a poor decision.

But this hasn’t stopped reports (started by ESPN’s Chad Ford, continued by The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, and recently made viral from Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher) from surfacing, citing that the Wolves have been testing the waters, checking on Rubio’s value around the league. The Knicks, who have no trading chips for a guy of Rubio’s value, were mentioned, because of course they were.

I’m no insider, don’t have the sources guys like Ford and Bucher have, and will never claim to. These writers were simply reporting what they were told from people they trust. The problem stems more from the speculation that spreads like wildfire after a report is released, rather than considering what sense (none) trading Rubio would make.

All this said, none of this is to say that Flip Saunders never received phone calls from teams asking about Rubio’s availability. NBA teams and executives are always talking, and every player in the NBA’s name is going to come up at one point or another, including Rubio. How his name specifically keeps surfacing to the media is unclear.

Ultimately, however it’s happening shouldn’t matter. Something could always happen, because it’s basketball and really good players get traded all the time. But there’s no reason to think Ricky Rubio is going to get traded, simply because it would make absolutely no sense for the Wolves to do it.

It can be frustrating seeing rumors like these go viral, especially when a simple look over at the Wolves’ roster can make the “will the Wolves trade Rubio?” question sparkling clear.

If they traded Ricky, unless it’s for another point guard, they’d be left with 38-year-old Andre Miller, late first rounder Tyus Jones, and unproven youngster Lorenzo Brown. With Andrew Wiggins, Shabazz Muhammad, and Zach LaVine, they’re not trading for a wing. They just drafted Karl-Anthony Towns, like Gorgui Dieng and have a logjam at power forward, so trading for a big seems unlikely too.

And, again, Rubio is the Wolves. Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns are the future of the franchise, but the Wolves know what they have in Rubio. There’s no reason to trade him right now, so as reports inevitably continue to surface throughout the remainder of summer, as they have off and on for a number of years now don’t worry about it.

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3 thoughts on “Stop it. The Wolves aren’t trading Ricky Rubio.

  1. I agree. The constant trade rumors are so dumb. Always generated for teams in large markets. Nothing new for Minnesota sports teams but annoying nonetheless.

  2. The time to trade him was on draft night to the fools that run the Lakers and the Knicks. He and Bennett might have got us Mudiay in return. Rubio is never going to be a full-time guard in the NBA: his amazing style of play will always lead to injury. That first injury, creeping up on Kobe and collapsing without contact, was a red flag that is still raised. He’s one of the most talented players I’ve ever seen, but he can’t last. I’m sure Flip knows that. But I wouldn’t even think of trading him now because the Wolves won’t get anything to replace him. You could argue that getting rid of Rubio to the Knicks or Lakers for a No. 1 next year would be better than hanging onto him, partly because without him the Wolves will have a shot at the No. 1 pick again next year. I’d rather bank on Wiggins three seasons from now than Rubio anytime soon, so stocking up for 2017 would be the best long-term strategy. If the Wolves have to rebuild again in 2017, Wiggins will be gone soon after. This year doesn’t matter for Wiggins and KAT, but the following season does, and the Wolves must have an unmistakeable aura of being a playoff threat by the end of the 2016-2017 season, or we get another 10 years of mediocrity.

  3. I’m sure Ricky or any member of the wolves not named Karl or Andrew, is available for the right price. I just can’t believe that any team would give us enough to make it worth the trade. New York and LA are always looking at smaller markets and saying we should give them our better players for nothing. Rubio is still very young and although his health is worrisome, running the offense with guys like Wiggins, Baz and Zach will make us the ESPN top ten highlight of the NBA season. I just wish we played in the Leastern Conference.

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