2015-16 Season, Game Preview

The Drummond-Towns (Pistons-Wolves) matchup could be a lot of fun tonight


Tonight’s Wolves-Pistons matchup could be fun. A lot of fun, especially if the Karl-Anthony Towns-Andre Drummond matchup lives up to the hype each player has shown thus far this season. Both are young centers on the verge of making extremely loud noise in the NBA, but in very different (but mostly effective ways). While different, both are still extremely fun.

For example: Earlier this season, Drummond nearly became the first player to put up a 30-30 game since Kevin Love.

And Karl-Anthony Towns has put up historic numbers for a rookie big.

Both have had their share in the highlight reel, as well. Drummond has always been a fun highlight, but one of my favorite things about him has been his improved footwork.

Towns, of course, is already extremely skilled for a 20-year old, and has as bright (if not brighter) a future as Drummond. That said, they’re very different players. Towns is a decent athlete, but uses more skills towards the ground to make his mark. His passing ability may be the thing fans are most pleasantly surprised to see him pull out of his bag of tricks.

Of course, there are other things to look for in tonight’s game. Ricky Rubio vs Reggie Jackson could be fun. Wiggins vs KCP will be a good one to look for. Marcus Morris plays a LOT, and seeing him face Wiggins, Shabazz, and other Minnesota wings will be interesting from a standpoint of defensive assignments.

The icing on the “this could be fun” cake came earlier today, when the Detroit Pistons made this.

See you tonight.

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