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I don’t know that Kevin Garnett should be allowed to look after puppies


We’ve all been excited to see the youth on this roster producing at different levels. The way Andrew Wiggins has responded to a slow first week, the way Karl-Anthony Towns has looked like a five-year veteran from the opening tip, and the flashes the other young guys have given us lead to a lot of hope and re-calibrating our expectations for the present and the future. It’s also exciting to see how much the veterans on the team have embraced and mentored the young guys early on.

After shootaround on Thursday, Garnett was asked about his opinion on how the young team works and commits to defense, and in typical KG fashion, he delivered an amazing analogy. He even sweetened the moment by giving a laugh to his own words. Have a listen here (1:03 mark):

Just to put it out there in text:

Question: “What’s been the most impressive thing about this young team buying in defensively, and the growth you’ve seen on that end?”


KG: “How hard we play. We play hard. We practice hard. It’s almost like putting a bunch of puppies in a box and shaking it up and watching the puppies go at it a bit. [Insane laughter response to his own words] But it’s fun. It’s fun. You like to see growth and you’re starting to see it. More importantly, you want to see what you do in practice carry over into games.”

Uh… KG what? You put puppies in boxes and shake it up to see them play? Why are you putting puppies into boxes? What is happening here?

It’s words like these that just make you buy in with the personality of KG more. He’s had some amazing quotes in his time and he’s never short of weird analogies. To be completely fair to KG, there’s an old story about this giant room (possibly a basement) in Garnett’s Minneapolis home from when he played for the Wolves in the first stint. He had a lot of dogs and he’d basically give them that room and turn a big television on for them. He’d have it play the Wolves games so that they could “watch daddy work.”

I don’t doubt KG gives dogs a good life, but don’t try shaking puppies in a box at home, kids. That’s an activity that needs adult supervision.

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