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Pelicans 114, Wolves 99: One you’ve seen before


You’ve already read this.

You read it a month ago when Steve recapped (in stellar Star Wars fashion) the Wolves blowing a 17 point lead against Denver. Zach recapped it (and broke down the mystery that is Sam Mitchell in great detail) when the Wolves blew a 17-point lead to the Blazers earlier that same month.

The Wolves played the Pelicans tonight; a Western Conference squad comfortably out of the playoffs, built a 17-point lead early, and eventually fell. This time, by double digits.

This trend has not been great, nor has the season as a whole. Know what has been great? I started watching New Girl on Netflix this week, and have enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected to.

My best friend had been recommending the show to me for years (his recommendations have always been spot-on), but my interest was never there. This past Friday, I was too tired to put any focus into Narcos (which is excellent, if you haven’t checked it out). So, I decided to watch the pilot. Then I watched the second episode, then the third. Then the fourth.

I accidentally watched nearly the entire first season in a day and a half.

I’ve always been somewhat of a fan of Zooey Deschanel, and had seen Jake Johnson (Nick Miller) in Safety Not Guaranteed, but was otherwise very unfamiliar with the cast. But now I’m two episodes in, and will almost certainly catch up before the Minnesota snow melts (aka, before June).

For those unfamiliar, a general synopsis of the plot: a girl, recently broken up with her boyfriend, moves in with 3 friends into an LA loft apartment.

The Main Characters: 

Jess: The show’s main character. On many sitcoms,  its main character serves less as the funny one, and more as the show’s “glue guy”. This may be true to an extent here, though Jess has her funny moments as well.

Despite only just meeting these people, she’s often the one that drives most of the group activities and decisions.  She convinces Nick to come to a haunted house, even though he’s terrified of haunted houses. She gets the roommates to try to pull a Parent Trap on her divorced parents. In short, she’s a solid lead character.

Nick: A cranky man in his early 30s who has lots of fears and loves a good rant.

Nick would probably be slated as the lead male role of the show. He seems to have the most inner insanity on the show, but also seems to be the one solving the most problems. On the funny scale, he’s near the bottom for me, but he’s still pretty fantastic.

Schmidt: Even the way the dude says “chutney” is funny.

Seriously. Schmidt’s cocky attitude is one of the funnier things I’ve seen on sitcom TV in a long time. He’s the apartment’s self-proclaimed “glue guy”…whether it’s for cooking, cleaning, or telling Nick he could stand to lose 5-7 pounds, Schmidt is always there.

Winston: I’ve been told by reliable sources that his character gets better and better, and that’s exciting to me. His inability to properly prank someone has been a gag in 2 episodes already, and has been gold both times. For example, he thought this was a prank.

This guy’s supposed to be a former pro basketball player, just returning from Latvia. Now he’s hitting people in the ass with a ski.

There are other good characters that pop in and out of the show. Cece is the most frequent, and as Jess’ best friend, probably isn’t going anywhere.

There have been plenty of great guest spots on the show so far, too. My favorite may have been Rob Reiner as Schmidt’s cousin, fighting on Thanksgiving for the title of the “REAL Schmidt”. Justin Long played a great nerdy music teacher/ugly crier early in season 1. And I’m still awaiting the return of Coach, who disappeared after the pilot episode.

I’m glad I gave this show a shot. New Girl isn’t going to be on any TV Mount Rushmores for me, but it’s served its role as great entertainment and a good laugh, especially after games like tonight.


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7 thoughts on “Pelicans 114, Wolves 99: One you’ve seen before

  1. Funny, I looked at this game very differently. I looked at it as a team playing well under it’s present day potential, in a tailspin, suddenly playing 5 quarters of basketball the right way. I get it–we’ve seen this team blow big leads a lot and it feels like deja vu. This give away felt different. We’ve been playing so bad this year so far that we could hardly blow big leads. We looked all wrong. Then we met a team in a worse tailspin. Instead of falling to their level and losing or barely winning an ugly game, we played the right way and blew them out of the water. Then we came to a beatable, underachieving Pelicans squad. And we picked up right where we left off, playing the right way in the first quarter and blasting out to a big lead. After that the change was sudden and unrelenting–we looked like the team has the rest of this year. We took 14 threes, many of them bad looks in out of sync ‘rogue’ offense. While 14 is better than our total some games, part of that was our gunning, ball moving attitude in the 1st quarter. The rest of the game we took them with much greater reluctance. The contrast was odd. We started out moving the ball, hitting shots we should, having good spacing, controlling pace, taking care of the ball, defending smart and with aggression. After the 1st all that went out the window and we weren’t able to retain or recapture even a little spark of this wonderful cryptid team. Why? Can’t we play a little closer to our potential a little more often? I don’t get it. It’s fair to say from the outside in, it looks like the coaches aren’t teaching well enough and it is clear that our strategy of defense and especially offense handicaps the guys at times. It’s fair to say we are very young and don’t have enough steadying vets woven into the lineup. But none of this explains why we play so far from potential, or how we can execute 5 quarters in a row the right way and that team dissipates like vapor. Or maybe it does explain it… Either way it is strange and frustrating.

    I know I make too much a sport of criticizing Sam Mitchell, but man, one little one. Why on earth does he wait until there’s between 6 and 5 minutes left in THE GAME to bring the starters back in? You can’t finish a game right like that unless your bench has cleared a decent lead. I don’t think it is effective in terms of winning, but as a fan it is also boring to watch until 5:21 left in the game to see Rubio and Towns come back in, a while after the other team’s best, often with only an outside chance of putting together a perfect run to get it down to the buzzer.

    Another odd token in the last 2 games: Rubio scoring more than usual (and shooting quite well). It’s good to get him scoring. He’s driving more and shooting threes, two things he needs to keep doing with confidence. We didn’t need his passing against the Suns because everyone was passing so well as a team. He racked up lots of Hockey assists and we won big. In this game, we could have used the spark plug of Rubio passing. In the first quarter we didn’t need it again, as we had Spurs-esque ball movement, but after that we suddenly did and nothing got the team competent. Not sure what all this means, just an observation…

  2. I didn’t get a chance to watch the game, but I kept checking the box score on my phone. I’ll admit that when I saw the Wolves jump out to a big lead, I got excited. BUT I was not surprised at all when I saw it dwindle away, subsequently getting blown out. It’s just who this team is, no kind of mental fortitude or toughness; the inability to stay focused for 48 minutes and deliver a knockout blow. When the flood gates open, boy do they open. A young team with no true competitive dogs and no heart, to go along with terrible coaching, is a recipe for disaster. It’s like taking candy from a baby. When teams adjust and make their move, the Wolves have absolutely no counter in their adjustment or scheme. As I’ve stated before: It really seems like they EXPECT to lose, and can’t handle prosperity.

    I’m still dreaming of the day when Rubio, LaVine, Wiggins, Towns and Garnett (really Bjelica) walk out for the starting tip off. LaVine should be starting at the 2 and Wiggins at the 3, with Martin and Bazz coming off the bench. Although Wiggins is my favorite player, he just doesn’t seem to have that consistent dog mentality…like a Kobe or Jordan. Ex: In a game like last night, when he storms out of the gate with 14 first half points, you have to go for 35 or 40… especially with your team reeling the way it is. I know it’s not all his fought and the offensive system is bad (plus he’s been scoring well as of late), but he can’t come out and have 7 measley points in the second half. He has to develop a killer instinct, and a not on my watch mentality, whether his shot is falling or not (drive to hole and get to the line; get people in foul trouble). And he needs to CARE more about rebounding on a consistent basis. A guy with his tremendous talent should be able to snag 2 or 3 boards in the first seven minutes of the game. He just doesn’t anticipate well and is way too often lazily standing around the perimeter and watching everyone else position for a rebound. I know I’m nitpicking a bit, but I just want Andrew to maximize his potential and use his youthful young energy to his advantage. He’s never going to be 20 years old again; go get it now. His court vision and awareness has improved, though. LaVine has all the talent in the world, but he plays scared and shows his opponent way too much respect. He always comes across like he’s playing against his idol or his big brother. To hell with that, stay on the attack on both sides of the ball, and please attack the rack more and get to the line. We have seen enough of those bail out pretty fall away jumpers. Get to the damn rack MORE! I know Towns may be a bit tired right now, but he needs to become more of a pogostick around the rim and contest even more shots than he does. I see way too often players attack the rack and we have no one challenging them at the rim, even when Towns is in the game. This team just needs to develop a better attitude and show more pride amongst themselves. It’s obvious Sam isn’t going anywhere this year, so it is what it is in that regard.

  3. This is amazing and New Girl too. And you gotta watch the episode whre the Latvian league that Winston played appears. It’s genious.

  4. FWIW, Grandpa Sid said this week it is a done deal Sam Mitchell and his staff are brought back again next year. We all know Sid’s opinions mean nothing at this point but I also can admit often times he knows inner-working things that end up being true.

    This scares the hell out of me.

  5. After leaving my last comment I noticed Andrew did go 7-17 and shot 10 free throws, so I guess I’m not talking about last night. If the shot isn’t falling it just isn’t falling. But hopefully he stays aggressive. Sometimes he may have to take 25 shots, plus 12 to 14 free throws. Jus saying!

  6. I tried on New Girl because I like Zooey Deschanel, but it all seemed so formulaic, especially Schmidt. Happy Endings just came on Hulu, and that one was underrated and something I wish was still on the air.

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