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Clippers 99, Wolves 79: Here’s a Song (Pt. 2)

pacers_madsen_060120_460A year and a day ago today, I did my first ever Q&A recap as a member of A Wolf Among Wolves. Monumental moment, I know. Tonight’s game was warranting of one; and, well, we were due for another, so here we go. You sent your questions, here are my answers.

My dad showed me this album when I was still in high school. Bennie Maupin played bass clarinet on Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew”, but has had a long, storied career otherwise. The title track has always been my favorite.

I’m usually pretty confident in my taste. That’s not to say that I think I have “better” taste than the next guy, because such a thing doesn’t exist. I’m just of the belief that guilty pleasures shouldn’t exist.

That said, I’ve always been hesitant to admit I’m a relatively big John Mayer fan. I think his guitar work on Continuum is stellar. I’M NOT ASHAMED!!!

Love it. Come at me, world.


My guess: nothing.

I can envision the world where they allow high schoolers to enter again, but I think there’s a lot of argument for the camp that wants to keep things the same. Between college education and the option to go play pro elsewhere (including the D League), the players have options, just not playing in the NBA as an 18-year-old out of high school.

If Ricky yelled and stomped at him loudly enough, and I believe he can), I think lives could be saved.

Fun fact: I never eat in the media room pre-game. I should. The food looks outstanding. I’m saddened Chris Mannix didn’t ask Miller about this.

Between the constant engagement to any game, win or loss, the 7-three pointer game, the fact that Shaq had to buy him an entire wardrobe when he entered the league, and the following video, Mad Dog cannot be touched. Sorry, Ronny.


The atavistic selection of haltfime performers the Target Center books was epitomized by the Bell Biv Devoe performance tonight.

This is Zach Harper territory. I have not seen Batman v Superman, but it would have to be impressively bad to beat out Batman & Robin (which I own). Best of luck to both participants.

I would imagine a lot. I don’t catch much National Geographic. I’m sure they’ve covered it.

Honestly, no. they seem to make him hungrier, if anything. The losing is eating at him, but it isn’t making him lethargic. It’s making him want to work harder, put in extra time, and encourage his teammates more.

Sometimes, that gets overshadowed by the bad shooting performances, like tonight. But if you don’t notice the effort and passion he has every night, you aren’t watching closely enough.

Ah, a timely tweet.


  1. Oatmeal (maple brown sugar) all day. This isn’t up for discussion.
  2. Steve covered this quite thoroughly earlier this year. Check out his great analysis here.

Pantry. Cold syrup on hot waffles is gross.

You may think this goes against my “peanut butter in the fridge is correct” opinion, but you’re wrong. You’re wrong.

Here’s how, trying to look from the owner’s POV, I can rationalize it: It’s tough to truly know what Newton can do as an executive in this league, but his credentials lead themselves to getting an opportunity at some point with some team. the circumstances that led to both Newton and Mitchell getting new jobs was tragic, but here we are.

So, this will be Milt’s chance. Maybe the higher-ups (aka Taylor) has been impressed with what he’s seen from Newton this year, and now he’s got the job.


Thanks, all. Now, as promised, here’s a song.

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3 thoughts on “Clippers 99, Wolves 79: Here’s a Song (Pt. 2)

  1. On the Milt Newton question I’ll just say this: Given how long it takes Taylor to make a decision, if he waited until after the season ended to begin a search for a new GM (because how could anyone possibly do something like this during the season?), there is a good chance that the Wolves would miss the draft. No one would show up to make a pick. That and there is also the possibility that the Wolves may hire a coach who wants a say in personnel matters, which wouldn’t work if you just hired a new GM. I doubt they actually do this, but it is a possibility.

  2. A game like this makes it clear how far the Wolves have to go. Playing at home against a team starting two below-average former Wolves role players and missing their best player (yes, he is), they were taken out of their game very easily and then basically folded. Their opponent was motivated to win after losing at home to them last time out, but motivation only takes a team so far. A playoff contender at least puts up enough of a fight to keep it within 15 into the 4th quarter. The big unanswered question is still how this team reacts when opponents start taking them somewhat seriously, because this game showed exactly what that looks like.

    On the other side, the Clippers show that if a team has high-end talent and role players who commit to a scheme on both ends, it’s possible to contend, even with guys like Mbah a Moute, Johnson, Rivers, and Aldrich playing regular minutes. Now they just need to figure out whether their current non-stars can accept the role of high-end role players and figure out how to earn that role.

  3. Tim,

    Thanks for responding to my Twitter comment about Newton and interim tag. The spirit of my question, ambiguously worded in retrospect, was not about Newton really , how could he pick him, but about Taylor. How can a lack of decision (ie. interim tag) be good. Ships need to have a captain and the longer Taylor refuses to make a decision the worse off Wolves are. Wolves need to have clear leader heading into offseason, this decision just seems to prolong picking an organizational direction. I would be fine if Newton was given job, I would be fine if Taylor hired someone new, but keeping him “maybe” seems to be the worse decision possible.

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