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  1. I have to say, watching the Hornets game, it was really noticeable how much more they stepped it up entertainment wise. During the timeouts they had the cheer leaders handing out free boxes of fried chicken, a guy going around with a mind reader helmet (put it on someones head and then show a video on the jumbo tron to “show what they are thinking”, it was a fun joke), and during half time they were running a talent show, that appeared to be something that wasn’t isolated to just that game.

    I know we do stuff like that too, but it seemed like they did a lot more and it was a lot better.

    • Are you sure you were at a basketball game and not a carnival?

      Virtually all of the in-game shtick is silly and annoying… have a kids/family section, have stuff there. Adult-ish people, I’m assuming, are there for the basketball.

  2. I actually enjoyed getting beaten by Miller. I mean, confirmed: Yes, Miller still has legs to do a lot, and yet, Miller is good and should have been playing way more this season before we went with Tyus. Good for him. He’s on a good team, with an incredible coach and he’s being used without fear. This is a deep team, so Miller won’t see minutes like this normally, but still. The Spurs know a professor when they see one.