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2015-16 Roster Review: Greg Smith

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Greg Smith. Not Craig Smith. Certainly not Joe Smith.

The Timberwolves have certainly had a slew of Smiths playing inside over the past few years, all to different results. Joe Smith was the best player of the trio, but his eventual contract baggage made him much more of a long-term detriment than an asset. Craig Smith, perhaps the best 2nd round pick the Wolves have ever had (and kept), didn’t last long in the NBA, but had some nice moments in the late first-stint-KG years.

Greg Smith, a 10-day contract signing in early March, managed to earn himself a contract through the rest of the season. A few things led to this: solid play inside on both ends, a willingness to bang inside, and a absolutely dire need for backup big men.

But Smith did what he could with the time he got. He banged inside, shot 56 percent on very few shots per game (which was still a career low in FG%, by a relatively considerable margin), and was a great bench presence. This may be evidenced by a sweet Wiggins dunk that took place less than a month ago.

Wait for it…

He did that a lot. Not put onto social media (to my knowledge) was his mini-dance after the Wolves would hit a three pointer. While Smith didn’t always have the ability to add a ton of tangible on-court contribution, he looked for any way he could add to the team’s success.

Odds are pretty high that Smith won’t be back in a Wolves uniform next season. Not only was he on a 1-year contract to begin with, the Wolves already have Karl-Anthony Towns, Gorgui Dieng, Kevin Garnett, Nemanja Bjelica, and Adreian Payne under contract for at least next season. But it is within the realm of possibility that Smith will be able to find a home somewhere in the NBA next year.

His time with the Wolves was short, and at-times uneventful, but Greg Smith filled in when he was needed, and didn’t complain when he was not. He seemed to get along with his teammates, and was a fun watch on the bench. If nothing else, he makes the wait for the next Wolves player named Smith that much more exciting. For me, anyway.

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  1. Um, Pek was a second round pick that the Wolves kept. I’d take him over Craig Smith, even with the injuries.

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