Adidas unveils Andrew Wiggins’ shoes for 2016-17, and people have jokes

Wiggins GaloshesRemember when everyone on the internet spent two days roasting Steph Curry’s trash sneakers? It was Twitter at its finest, a stream of funny but mostly harmless jokes at the expense of someone who’s financially and professionally set, so the bullying wasn’t as biting as it otherwise might appear. Even a few well-known Warriors fans jumped into the fray, uneasy as it must be to see their favorite player lampooned so widely. “What great fun,” I thought.

Until yesterday, that is, when Sneaker News revealed Wiggins’ next shoe, the Crazy Explosive (CE), pictured above. The timeline, greased up and ready to go from the Curry II’s comedy show, had a few jokes for us:

There was a nice little riff from Robby Kalland:

rkalland 2



















And last but not least, my personal favorite, courtesy of KFAN’s Ben Anderson:

Thankfully, there was a pretty big game last night, and everyone has moved on to analyzing Game 6 and shaking their heads in amazement at the craziness of the NBA Finals.

As far as the shoes go, there may be reason for some hope – according to industry man Nate Jones, the Crazy Explosives actually look like this:

nate jones 1nate jones 2Those look much, much better.

Hopefully Wiggins is rocking the version Jones shared next season – if not, we need to prepare ourselves for months and months of knitted sweater, Team X-Blades, and snow boots jokes. For what it’s worth, I think they look comfortable, and if I had a pair, I’m sure they’d help me play confidently despite my glass ankles… but I’m a pudgy suburban dad who looks like 2008 Kevin Love and plays like prime Brian Scalabrine, all without the height or basketball ability. I’m not sure my endorsement is the one Wiggy and Adidas are after.

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