Do we start the Karl-Anthony Towns for 2035 Wolves coach campaign now or wait a couple months?

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Tom Thibodeau is a fantastic coach. But on the assumption that he’s not the Gregg Popovich of the Minnesota Timberwolves and doesn’t spend two decades-plus coaching the team, the Wolves are already searching for the first coach whenever Karl-Anthony Towns finishes his historic, Hall of Fame career around the year 2035. I’d like to offer up a suggestion in the coaching search,

How about Karl-Anthony Towns as the Wolves’ head coach for the 2035-36 season and beyond? Courtesy of HoopsHype autoplay videos, here is KAT coaching up kids at a basketball camp and teaching the future of the sport how to be awesome at it.

Really cool to see how involved Towns is just based off of that clip. Some basketball camps end up being an appearance by the player and maybe a little speech. KAT looks to be as involved with this as he is in every other facet of his professional career. You’re not getting a Dennis Scott speech about media criticism. You’re getting one of those camps in which the player is super involved and helping shape the lives of those kids, if even for a little bit on the basketball court.

Has a coach ever led a franchise to 10 championships as a player and then another 10 championships as a coach? The answer is not yet.

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    What a great beginning so far. Sky is the limit.

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