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A Look at Andrew Wiggins’ Workouts with Drew Hanlen

We often hear of players focusing on improving their game during the long, hot days of summer, spending an inordinate amount of time in gyms scattered across the nation or even the world. Many of these players are putting in the time in an attempt to hone their talent in the hopes that one day they may be remembered as one of the best players of their generation.

We hear vague tales of shooting, ball-handling, and conditioning drills concocted by specialized skills coaches that are equal parts grueling and mysterious. Other than a random Vine here or 15-second video clip there, we rarely get to experience a glimpse at what goes on after the video ends, what the workouts actually entail.

Andrew Wiggins is one example. This past summer, Wiggins put in many hours attempting to improve upon his shot as well as his ball-handling abilities so that he may take the next step towards becoming the special player many think he has the ability to become. Luckily, the folks over at Whistle Sports (@WhistleSports on Twitter) were able to peel back the curtain for us a little and provide a glance at what exactly Wiggins worked on with all-star skills coach Drew Hanlen.



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1 thought on “A Look at Andrew Wiggins’ Workouts with Drew Hanlen

  1. Nice to see Wiggins working. On this video his handle looks a lot lower and sharper. We’ll see in game. He doesn’t have the beautiful stroke of LaVine, but his shot never looked broken to me. It almost seems like a reps thing. Some guys aren’t as talented at shooting and just need way more reps to improve than others. But perhaps he can tweak it a bit to improve his shot. A big part of it will also be an offensive system that encourages threes and gives consistent good looks. I noted during last game how much muscle mass some of the guys put on in the off season. It was particularly noticeable on Deing.

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