A Preseason Box Score Recap: Hornets 98, Wolves 86


Ah, the preseason – it’s sort of like when the explorers hunting for gold had to make their own way on the ol’ frontier, except the wilderness is the internet and all we really want is a decent video feed of a basketball game. If we find that at some point, we’ll get a longer analysis up, but until then, here’s a box score recap, in case you missed it:


Ten quick impressions:

  1. Before we address anything else, we need to talk about the fact that the Charlotte Hornets have a player named Andrew Andrews. I don’t know what I want to say about that just yet, but I feel like we need to get that fact out in the open before we do anything else. Andrew Andrews.
  2. The Wolves shot 35% from the field as a team; take away Zach LaVine’s 13-for-20 night (more on that in a minute), and that figure drops to just 26% shooting. I know Charlotte is a solid defensive squad, but that paltry shooting reeks of fatigue. After leading by as much as 14 early in the 2nd quarter, the Wolves were outscored 83-57 the rest of the way. After getting to the line 39 times on Saturday night, Minnesota made just 17 trips tonight.
  3. Apparently Roy Hibbert wound up in Charlotte this offseason. Afforded five guesses, and offered the prize of one million, billion, zillion dollars, I’m not sure I could’ve guessed that.
  4. Tom Thibodeau went much deeper into his rotation tonight, getting Adreian Payne, Tyus Jones, Jordan Hill, Rasual Butler and Toure’ Murry their first burn of the preseason. None of them did much of consequence, at least according to the box score.
  5. Andrew Andrews. Man.
  6. Nemanja Bjelica was solid for the second straight game, hitting 3-of-8 shots and scoring 9 points in 19 minutes. He only hit one of his four threes, but the big headline there is that he took the four threes. He seems to have a green light, and he seems to be taking it, which is good.
  7. Kris Dunn went an ugly 2-of-12 from the floor but did manage to fill up the stat sheet, pulling down 4 rebounds, dishing out 3 assists, racking up 3 steals, and even blocking a shot.
  8. Shabazz had more shots (13) than points (12) and didn’t rack up an assist, but pulled down four offensive boards and got to the line 6 times in 19 minutes. That’s the quintessential Bazzy line.
  9. Andrew Andrews? I mean…
  10. Frank Kaminsky led the way with 17 points for Charlotte. Jeremy Lamb chipped in 16, Kemba Walker 15, and the Hornets notched their first victory of the preseason (1-3). Andrew Andrews did not play.
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1 thought on “A Preseason Box Score Recap: Hornets 98, Wolves 86

  1. What sticks out for me is how different this game was approached, from a coaching perspective. The first game had rotations similar to what we’d imagine in regular season games, including clever, non hockey substitution ways of working in the bench. This game seemed to be about spreading minutes around, testing guys out, making sure even the back bench guys got some action. Less of a real attempt to compete and more of a trial to test players and perhaps make sure the starters aren’t overworked. Above says that part of our bad shooting may have been fatigue. Perhaps another factor is lack of continuity. This wasn’t a regular rotation and many of our more important players and shooters didn’t get the minutes they normally would. That can throw off the flow of shooting.

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