Randy Moss to guest on Kevin Garnett’s Area 21, Giving Nostalgic Minnesotans the Feels

Kevin Garnett’s weekly “Area 21” segment, a new part of Thursday’s NBA on TNT show, has been fun. Between the cuss button, the banter between studios (see: KG calling Charles Barkley a “borderline champion”), and the offbeat game breakdowns, the show has been a hit. 

Perhaps better than any of the actual content, the guests Garnett has brought on has typically been a fun time (Rasheed Wallace has been my personal favorite).

The Wolves play the Clippers on TNT on Thursday, and in the spirit of Minnesota pride, smart company man KG has managed to bring in Minnesota’s other adopted 90s son, Randy Moss, to guest host.

Randy Moss is an NFL analyst for ESPN now, but was arguably the NFL’s best wide receiver at the same time KG was arguably the NBA’s best power forward. Yes, I’m aware Tim Duncan, Terrell Owens, and Marvin Harrison exist. Let me have this.

For the average national viewer, this should be fun programming. For the average Minnesota sports fan, this is going to bring out the feels.

So get your Grain Belts cold, tater tot hot dish hot, and Atmosphere’s ‘Overcast’ blaring. It’s about to get nostalgic. And Minnesotan.

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  1. gjk says:

    It’s too bad the KG-Marbury era of his tenure only barely overlapped with Moss joining the Vikings. As someone who enjoys sports for the fun and the strategy moreso than needing to see my teams be dominant, those 2 eras were as good as any in MN sports.

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