2016-17 Season

Introducing: The Long Two Podcast

This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while now.

For as long as I’ve been closely following the NBA (since about 2011), I’ve done two things: 1. Read as many articles by smart basketball people as possible and 2. Listened to NBA podcasts. I’ve always found podcasts to be illuminating and fun in ways that writing can’t be. The insightful, organic conversations, the inside jokes, the personality. Podcasts are just a fun way to learn about the happenings around the NBA and your favorite team.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce my own podcast: The Long Two. The name is a reference to the blog I started around two years ago now that focused on the Wolves and was a nod to their propensity for taking long mid-range jumpers. While there are already a bunch of great Wolves and NBA podcasts out there, I hope that The Long Two can provide a unique listening experience that sets it apart from the others.

This episode is shorter than what will be typical; I’ll aim for each episode to be between 30-45 minutes and, while this episode is more of an audio report, most episodes will be of a traditional podcast structure with guests (from A Wolf Among Wolves and other Wolves’ blogs and fans) and talking points.

You can subscribe to The Long Two podcast on iTunesStitcher, and Soundcloud.

This episode focuses on the Wolves new D-League team, the Iowa Energy. Who are they and how do they help the Wolves? Hope you enjoy!


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1 thought on “Introducing: The Long Two Podcast

  1. Lucas. I like adding podcasts to AWAW, but please take my suggestions to heart. First, your background music needs to go. Find a good intro for yourself and then put it away for the remainder of the podcast or confine it to the breaks in your segments. Secondly, reading your notes or the stuff you pulled from the Iowa Energy and D-League website is not interesting and I’m glad to hear that in the future you will have interviews, discussion and analysis and not a book report. I will be looking forward to your next long two.

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