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Breaking: Ricky Rubio Traded to the Utah Jazz

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Well. It finally, actually happened.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have traded point guard Ricky Rubio to the Utah Jazz in exchange for a 2018 first round pick (the pick was originally sent to the Jazz by the Oklahoma City Thunder and is top 14 protected; if it doesn’t convey by 2020 it turns into 2020 and 2021 second round picks).

The move frees up a significant amount of cap space for the Wolves, putting them a little over $32 million below the cap, according to Jeff Siegel of The Step Back (this also assumes they renounce Shabazz Muhammad and don’t bring back Brandon Rush).

The Associated Press’ Jon Krawczynski reported in the immediate aftermath of the trade that Wolves’ owner Glen Taylor (who had been rather vocal as of late in his support for wanting Rubio to return) “had resisted trade proposals of [him] all week”, however, something must have changed his mind.

Sam Amick of USA Today and ESPN’s Zach Lowe, among others, have reported that former Indiana Pacer point guard Jeff Teague is the biggest name to watch as the team searches for Rubio’s replacement (Amick also mentioned that George Hill is now an option for the Wolves, but calls Teague the “heavy, heavy favorite). Krawczynski noted that former Los Angeles Clipper shooting guard JJ Redick is another name to watch as the Wolves explore the market with their newfound cap space.

Although rumors have been swirling seemingly forever, it is still shocking to know that Ricky Rubio will not be in a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey next season.

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10 thoughts on “Breaking: Ricky Rubio Traded to the Utah Jazz

  1. Well I live in Utah so I get to watch my favorite player a lot more now. What a terrible return for him though.

  2. My second favorite wolf of all time is now on a competitor in the division (six times a year we get to see Ricky throw alley-oops to Gobert, over G and KAT) and we get a middlin’ first round pick (possibly) in return? Thibs doesn’t play his bench much, but if he doesn’t get more players soon, he won’t have a choice. I hope this isn’t so we can overpay for Teague, but now have a chance at Iggy or Milsap. Maybe if the Celtics need to shed some salary for Hayward and George, they throw out Bradley, or Smart and we can scoop them up. We now need: 2PG, 1 SG, 1SF and a stretch four. Believe in the plan, Believe in the plan, Believe in the plan.

    1. He will have a long career here….someone said of him just a few days ago…I wonder if Rubio’s trainer will write a similar tweet to the one JBs wrote when he got traded to Minnesota….a sad day for TRUE Wolves fans

  3. After fleecing bulls wolves get fleeced. Rubio move convinces Hayward to stay, jazz remain ahead of wolves. Unless Lowry. Uninspired but probably a good closer.

    1. Thibs really must have hated Ricky to be thinking about replacing him with Rose Rondo or Teague…this should be a sad day for the Wolves as a franchise…

  4. This is fantastic!!! No bad salary & a pick is plenty!!! Rubio will never start for a championship team!!! But please please please tell me his replacement isn’t Teague!!! Marginal D and marginal 3 point shooting? I’d rather bolster the wings and roll with Tyus. Anything but Teague!!!

  5. Sad, absolutely upset. It’s not only about Rubio got traded. He only worth for a first round pick? It seems Thibs treat him as a garbage in the team. I hate Thibs, no respects. I never be a wild fans until Thibs leave. And I hope Rubio will get a full punch to Thibs after he fly high at Utah.

  6. I don’t understand it. Even if you hate Ricky and Love Jeff Teague, why would you pay $3-4million more for only one more year? If this was the guy you wanted to replace Ricky than at least sign him for five years and make the $18 per year more palatable for years 3-5.

    Thibs, you did so well with your trade to Chicago, that I almost thought it would be great to see what you would get for Ricky and as a replacement for him. It looks like you hated having Rubio so much that you were willing to over pay for a player that isn’t as good as Rubio. It also takes away good cap space to fill the other needs you have. Maybe you have another trick up your sleeve and got distracted from getting something for Rubio. Was it getting Kevin Love back or convincing Milsap to play for $8 million per year? Did you get Atlanta to give back our first round pick for Adrian Payne? Please tell me that this will not be your big move in FA.

    Must trust the process. Must trust the process. Must trust the process

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