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Reports: Wolves to sign Jamal Crawford to a 2-year, $8.9 Million Deal

Per Shams Charnia of The Vertical, the Timberwolves plan to sign shooting guard Jamal Crawford to a 2-year, $8.9 million deal, with a player option on the second year.

Crawford, who played all 82 games last year with LAC, is the first step in rounding out the remainder of the wing core on the bench. His production has dropped off a bit in recent years with age, and his defense is suspect (to put it kindly), but his ability to score the ball off the bench will come in handy on nights when he’s on.

In short: On some nights, the artist formerly (and still occasionally) known as J-Crossover will be the scoring spark off the bench the Wolves need. Other nights, he will be a liability on both ends. Ultimately, it’s a cheap, short deal with some upside for a team with playoff aspirations.

The Wolves still have work to do. There’s still another wing they’ll need to acquire to fill out their core (CJ Miles?). While Crawford is a VERY willing three point shooter, Tom Thibodeau still could use another off the bench. We’ll see how he decides to tackle the remainder of the roster heading into 2017-18.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a vid of one of Crawford’s better games of least season.

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5 thoughts on “Reports: Wolves to sign Jamal Crawford to a 2-year, $8.9 Million Deal

  1. Ending the posts with “Share this because Rubio would pass this along” makes me sad now.

    On the brightside, Crawford can pick up some scoring we lost with Lavine.

  2. Eh? He can, in a limited way, create his own shot from beyond the arc, which they didn’t have. He’s better at dribble pull-up shots than catch-and-shoots, but pretty much everyone on their roster is catch-and-shoot only from 3. He had 21 games last season where he didn’t make a single 3 and 53 games where he didn’t make more than 1, so the “shooter” tag is probably overstated. His midrange game and scoring at the rim are still average, and having a secondary ballhandler of his quality is an underrated aspect. Still, he’s unplayable defensively in crunchtime because defenses will just have his man screen for the ball and put him in an iso.

    All of the moves so far seem to point toward re-setting the supporting cast around Towns, Wiggins, and (hopefully) Butler in 2019. From there, they’d have about 40% of the cap (80% going to those 3, the luxury tax being 120%) for the other roster spots. In that sense, getting older vets seems to make more sense than paying younger assets who they won’t be able to afford in 3-4 years. Not sure if it will work or how much I endorse it, but that’s the pattern making the most sense.

    1. Also, here’s the list of guys who played for the minimum last season: Brandon Bass, Raymond Felton, Marreese Speights, Alan Anderson, Gerald Green, Lou Amundson, Sasha Vujacic, Luke Babbitt, Jason Terry, Michael Beasley, Beno Udrih, David Lee, Jonathon Simmons, Terrence Jones, Javale McGee, Ian Clark, Ty Lawson, and Thomas Robinson. Some of those teams had more to offer in location or success than the Wolves do, but 2-3 of those types of players probably would be okay for the 11-15 spots on the roster.

  3. This is kind of an odd signing for Thibs. I guess he likes vets, but Crawford is a 37 year old mummy. And Thibs likes D, and Crawford doesn’t play a lick of that. We needed wings and bench scoring, so I guess this makes sense. It’s not expensive and could end up looking like a decent value, yet it could look like a total waste of money, too. Might be fun to see and a helpful vet scoring burst, but Crawford’s recent decline suggests it has its risks. I key is not playing Crawford too many minutes. Missed out on Miles. Surprise!

    As this roster comes into focus, I find myself very curious and exited to see it on the court. Yet, I’m also nervous. We are putting a lot of resources into this. People expect us to win, not just here, but nationally. They also expect us to be a fun team to watch. But I have reservations about Thibs as a coach, he lack of flexibility, his outmoded system, his inability to teach young guys without vets on the court. These suggest our sailing with the win now roster will not be smooth. And there is also the question of what we do after these 2-3 year rent a vets are up. We’ll have some money free, but few assets and it is unknown how much of a draw out performance will be at that point. Hope things work out.

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