2017 Summer League

SummerWolves 78, SummerDubs 76: Sort of Sudden Death

So, tonight I learned that after the first overtime of a Summer League game, it’s sudden death. As in, first team to score a point wins. Like, a football thing. But in basketball.

I also learned that I kind of love it, even though it’s more than a little bit quirky and a weird way to end a basketball game.

The game-winner, courtesy of C.J. Williams:

Another angle, for your viewing pleasure:

Anything to end the game, I suppose, because friends, the basketball was not good. The teams combined to shoot 34.6% from the field and turn the ball over 34 times. The SummerDubs scored 9 points in the first quarter. The first overtime period, a 2 minute frame, ended in a 3-3 tie, with the Wolves’ only field goal coming at the very end:

Ryan Saunders’ rotations were much tighter in the third and final game of pool play, as 5 players logged 29 minutes or more and only 7 players in all tallied double-digit minutes played. Matt Costello was the team’s brightest spot for the second consecutive game, racking up another double-double (14 points, 15 rebounds) to go along with 2 assists, 2 blocks and a steal. Marcus Paige and Levi Randolph were solid in the backcourt, but neither was particularly efficient. Same goes for the forward pairing of C.J. Williams and Perry Ellis, as the two combined to go 8-of-25 from the field.

Charles Cooke had a pretty nice game off the bench, scoring 11 points in 29 minutes. Jack Gibbs, Amile Jefferson, V.J. Beachem and Deonte Burton played sparingly, and personal favorite Raphiael Putney was out of the rotation completely.

For the Warriors, Patrick McCaw racked up 20 points and 4 rebounds, but the real story of the game was Jordan Bell. The Bulls should never have sold the Warriors the 38th pick, which they used to select the Oregon forward; Chicago should’ve just kept the kid. Or the Wolves should’ve gotten in on that action. Because, man, if he ever puts anything resembling an offensive game together, he’s going to be an excellent role player. Bell scored 5 points (on 2-of-2 shooting), pulled down 11 rebounds, dished out 5 assists, blocked 6 shots, and was a PLUS-27 (!!!) during his 32 minutes on the floor. He was a downright bully on the defensive end and didn’t stray from his lane on offense. He’s the real deal. The dastardly Dubs got another good player. I am upset.

Per the Warriors’ Twitter feed, the Wolves and Warriors will have a rematch tomorrow in tournament play – the rest of the bracket should be up here shortly.

I hope the SummerWolves beat them 400-0.

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1 thought on “SummerWolves 78, SummerDubs 76: Sort of Sudden Death

  1. I like the enthusiasm of the “summerwolves”, but my guess is that even with our thin bench right now, none of them are going to get much chance of being that 14th or 15th player. I’m hoping that maybe, Brandon Rush is still a possibility for the wolves and my guess is that we are stuck with local boy Cole, so Thibs can keep the first rounder next year.
    Given that, we look like a four or five seed:
    Teague, Jones and (my wish is Jordan Farmer. 3 shooter for cheap)
    Wiggins, Crawford
    Butler, Rush, (I’m hoping Gerald Green is still a vet min. option)
    Taj, Belly and Cole
    KAT, G and Patten (when healthy and not in Des Moines)
    15th player is a rotation of guys like our summer timbies.
    Goal for the season: Make playoffs and make Wiggins and KAT take their game to all around star, not just scorer.

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